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Vigilante missions, any tips?


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I can get to level 7 or 8 with not too much damage to my car but when I get this far I always seem to have a wanted level of 2 and the po-ni ram me till my f*ckin car blows up. I usually try to spin the car that I am chasing out and then shoot it up with the mp5 which works pretty well. Anyone got any tips for this? Also, are the brown thunder missions different from the normal vigilante missions? Do i have to do both for 100%? I assume they are diff cuz they have diff names but I wanna be sure. Thanks.

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My best advice is to do drive-bys on the cars you're chasing.  Blasting them until they're in flames with the MP5 should work.  Just make sure they don't jump out and jack another car.


Also, use the FBI Washington.  You can pull into a Pay'n Spray to get rid of the wanted level.  This also works for the Police Cheetah.


Brown Thunder is the vigilant mission using the Hunter Helicopter.  You either need to finish the story mode missions or get all 100 hidden packages for that helicopter to be available.  It is just another version of vigilante, but is called Brown Thunder because of the 1980's movie Blue Thunder.

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If anyone's like me, and wants to get the Vigilante missions out of the way asap so you could go through the rest of the game with 150 armor, here's my tips:


Unfortunately you can't get the FBI out at the beginning of the game, but you can get the undercover cops out, if you want the ability to respray.


Stock up on uzi amo from North Point mall (about 900 bullets should be more than enough to beat level 12). Dont worry about the cost, you'll make like $40,000 after 12 levels of vigilante.


Just do drive-by's on the criminals' cars and try to pop the tires which will slow them down. Keep shooting till theyre billowing black smoke and they'll bail. Now you're free to run them over, or get out and uzi their asses.


All the gunfire will attract the cops, though. It helps to have the locations of 2 or 3 police bribes memorized. But I actually preferred to keep my wanted level at one star. This way, if my cop car was getting too beat up. I could get out, and usually find a cop before my 1-minute timer expired. Shooting the cop would give me 2 stars and cause a fresh batch of cop cars to come right to me. I'd snatch a new one and lose one of my stars and continue with the vigilante effort.

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Of course the Brown Thunder missions are different! You get a machine gun and missles! It's easier to get to level 120 in a Hunter than a crappy ground car.

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Window Licker

Definitely do drive-bys, but stay by the airport.  If your car is getting wrecked, you can take it to Sunshine autos or get a new one from the police station nearby.


If your wanted level is too high, go to the pay'n spray by the docks or on the main drag near by the bridge near the center of the island.  Just get out, jack another car, take it into the pay'n spray, then go get your police car again.

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It's really very easy if you do it with the hunter.  You'll find that the extra time it takes to shoot the people from the air ( a little trickier than from a car) is made up for by the fact that you can fly straight to them.  By the time I got to like level 10 or 11 i had something like 16 minutes to kill 3 cars.


Basically just concentrate on not hitting any buildings or trees, because you can hardly take damage any other way.


Good luck.

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