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Publicity tour


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I need help with the publicity tour mission, just give me some tips of where you went to beat it and that sorta thing.

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go straight and the road curves left, then tun right at the end and you'll get on that really long road going on the island. go on that but don't floor it, just enough gas to not blow up. the drugged out band members disable the bomb

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Publicity Tour?


I know that's a Love Fist Mission, but refresh my memory as to what you need to do?

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It takes 2 minutes (02:00 game time), to defuse the bomb.  I went on that long strip & drove back & forth.  By the time I went down to the docks, made a U-turn & came back, they were done.


Like mikepaktinat said, don't floor it.  Unless you making a U-turn, in which case floor it, do a quick 180, floor it & pray.  your meter will start to sky rocket but once you start picking up speed it will go back down.  I beat this one first try...


Also try to over compensate turns....

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Frank Castiglione

Yeah, they're right, the key is not to floor it, just go fast enough so that the meter goes up.  When I got to the end of the long drag I had to make the left turn over the bridge, every time I did a U-turn I blew up, but 90 degree turns seem to work out ok.  go slow and its not bad.  


P.s.  If your from america you may want to turn on the subtitles before you beat this mission.  the band talks to you in the arena for a while at the end of it, but i never understood a single f*cking word they said.

Nolite arbitrari quia venerim mittere pacem in terram non veni pacem mittere sed gladium.
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