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Hi, message from me


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Hiy, I liv in austrrailia and i dun have eh game yet. Could you guys not play until I get it. I want to be on teh same page as you, so don't play until i get teh game. thanx.

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Uuhh,yyeahh,eerr,I'm taking Vice City out of the PS2 right now.I'm puting it back in the box.....wait....I ccaaannnntt dooooo iittt...my arm!..my arm!I have no control.Sorry dude you'll just have to catch up with us when you get it and play for a while.

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Oh man...that really make's us Aussies look bad!



The majority of Australian people are actually not that stupid, and all I can say is that 'Herpes-Lice-Cranberrie-Powder', or whatever your name is, your country just disowned you!

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uhhh...ok ill help u out



do u really think anyones gonna do that? NO, i aint.

Hi, message from me: STFU

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OMG!,why would you make this topic!,ROFLMFAO!...this is serioulsy the stupidest post ever!,nobody gonna wait on a N00B!,jesus!,hahahahahhaa,i cant stop laughin' som-some-one pa-pa-pa-please la-la-hahaha-lock it!,hahaha




If you were smart,then you would order it!...That shows everone your a N00B!,sorry :whuh::sui:


O and ducky!,i soiled myself too!,lmao!.....



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  • 5 years later...

Hey man, did you get the game yet? I'm dyin' to play.


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Algonquin Assassin

I was going to say how people have been playing VC for 6 years, but realised that the thread was made before VC came out.


I don't think he'll answer, as he hasn't posted since November 14th 2002.

GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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Erm, lol?


So basicly you want EVERYONE to drop playing Vice City because you are 5-6 years late at playing it and want to catch up? Seriously dude, you sound like you are about 9 and 9 year olds shouldn't be playing Vice City <_< Even my 6 year old cousin sounds more mature than you do wow.gif


PS: Useful link for you: Click

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What a nice bump! The most useless thing. Do y'all even look at the time this post was made? Nov 14, 2002. Yet there comes someone thinking this topic was made yesterday or something.

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