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[SA] Mobile to PC research project


Recommended Posts


Anyone knows where can I find this texture on gta3.img?




The name is veg_hedge1_256




You're thinking about replacing these kind of bushes, right?





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MEd is the tool you want to use. You'll find tutorials on how to render scene, will link one up if needed, but just go to an object you'd like to know more about, right click it, select Properties and it'll preview it and tell you both object and texture name. In this case, the texture-archive for hedges in Las Venturas is vgsestriphedge.txd. It seems that if you're trying to find the exactly same texture as you previewed, you'll have to go through a lot of hedges. :)

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Sorry if this straying off topic but for the loading screen mod did they just re-use the same old PC version of the pic with Tenpenny? Because I noticed that it didn't seem to be much if at all different from the original.

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Well, he already have a topic for his mod, so... and btw, DK's hud it's not only the hud. It somehow conflicts with HD fonts mod, the outlined fonts don't show up.


But if he wants his mod to be added here, all he have to do is ask for it.

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Hello, I want to say that there is one file in high quality radar pack isn't updated. It is radar17.txd, because of it size, and when I went to my GTA San Andreas map, I saw, that part of Bone County is low quality. And when I try to open CJ with fingers archive, I get a error, that archive is unknown or damaged :(

Edited by e3valdas
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Fixed the radar, the link is updated in the OP.


CJ with fingers is indeed corrupted. I will contact flame and tell him about. Funny things is, it was fine on sendspace, but he insisted on linking to his website. Well, he's the author.


EDIT - Here's a mirror for CJ fingers



Edited by format c:
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No, SA Mobile actually doesn't have those! Unlike GTA3 and VC, SA Mobile just skips straight to the menu screen.

This, though it seems like the game is still programmed to load them though as there's a very long black screen between launching and the menu screen. :p


EDIT: On second thought, it could be Social Club trying to login.

Edited by gamerzworld
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What do you think about this textures?, I found them in Far Cry 1 two years ago, as you can see they used the same textures for some things, like the palm.










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Would it be possible to transfer over the mobile versions updated game-pad controls and start menu? I know that there are already mods that can add modern controller support, but those keep me very limited to whichever button configuration the mod author likes and sometimes has issues working. I want the mobile start/pause menu because I just think it looks much better.


Oh and is there a way to use the above mods without having to spend three hours picking through the gta3.img to replace files. I think I tried an imgtool with bulk-replace, but it wouldn't run on my comp.

Edited by 018361
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Hi guys! Very nice work so far.


What I'm interested in the most is the weapon icons. The default ones are just super crappy pixelated. I tryed upscaling the default ones years ago and was using that blurry (yet not so sh*tty) mess until yesterday when I found this topic.


Finally something nice to look at... But wait, the resolution is TOO high. q:

My monitor won't go higher than 1280x1024 where those 256x256 weapon icons are (not that much) pixelated too, due to downscaling i guess.



So, I have manually scaled down each icon texture to 128x128 which looks much nicer on mid-high res.

While I was at it, I have also removed that pink coloring and fixed any bugs I could find (small bright parts which should be black).



Here you go







Forgot to mention, fixed versions of both resolutions (128 & 256) are included as well as the 'fist' icon for hud.txd and the "frame" which is around each icon (for creating cusom icons).

Plus, an extra for the camera. (;

Edited by uokka
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I think I tried an imgtool with bulk-replace, but it wouldn't run on my comp.

Would that have been the IMG Manager 1.5? That has problems running on x64-bit without using a 'fix' listed in the forum. The 2.0 BETA is out though.


Also, there is a new tool out, that doesn't require you to touch the .img files anymore. Its called Mod Loader. Search for it here in the forums.

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