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Why former legit players started to glitch recently?

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TWA B747

There was a time i was totally legit, besides a couple of duped cars

I swear, your honor! I've never committed a crime in my life except for the time I killed that guy!

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Look at you all, trying to justify your sordid, underhand tactics, you should all be ashamed, hang your heads, HANG THEM

Yeah well, but in this forums youre awful and annoying at least to me, so i would like to hang you XD.

That being said im a no-glitcher, my bushido doesnt allow me to glitch.... But i understand the people who glitches and i respect them, specially after Rockstar stupid policies have eliminated legit cars.

Edited by reiniat

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Because at any time, in any server, some hacker can give you hundreds of millions of dollars, or even billions, and there is nothing you can do about it


So, there is no point in /not/ glitching anymore (other than Elitism)

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I just did the new Pegasus Cargobob glitch because I'm sick of flying around a helipad for 10+ minutes trying to get one to spawn, I love fishing for Chrome Adders to dump in the water

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It's a game that is based off the principle of trying to see what you can get away with, without getting caught. f*ck it. Being a criminal inside a video game about criminals is where it's at!

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Just wondering that all these legit players started to do glitches were I exactly know they defended themselves days ago when 1.06 or 1.07 came out.


North Yankton glitch, glitched the Hotknife and Khamelion in their garages, all these things were supposed to be glitches.

Why do you change your religiton legit players?

Um some of us are angry about losing a Ratloader rebel ect. The Hotknife fills the hot rod spot in my garage even tho I cant see it and the kahmelion fills the other void of the Rebel. I stopped money glitching at 8 mil and gave most of the money I glitched away in car mods to others. I went in lobbies asked what car ppl wanted and modded it for them. i buy hark cards and support the game bur c*ckstar and its filthy tricks with the ratloader WHICH IS STILL CLASSIFIED AS MUSCLE in Sandy Shores.!!!!!!!

I do the NY glitch because it is harmless to any player. I am out in the middle of the ocean drifting in the air to them. I got the Cbob because they never spawn at all for level 60+ and I got a tank before 70 because by the next update i will be 70 and then it will be legit

Edited by xInfamousRYANx

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While this was R* first attempt at online play, it's been absolutely one of the worst launches. Nothing worked right, so many glitches, bugs, issues that have been covered at length across the internetz. Had R* taken the time to properly QA the game, this probably wouldn't be an issue. Even if they had stated the release date would be pushed back a month or two, I would've been fine with that. But since sales records are the only thing that matters to them, they released a crappy bugged filled mess.


Now, I've grinded legit to Level 138. Always spending money on cars/ammo and such. There was some sense of accomplishment when I hit 120 and unlocked all the weapons but, since then, been pretty boring. I'm level 138 and constantly getting Lamar/Simeon/Gerald missions paying out a whopping 1-2k per mission. You can only grind so much until you get bored to death with the same crap over and over again. Had R* added good content to the game, fixed the bugs sooner and not nerfed racing to the point where it's useless, maybe I would've stayed legit.


Recently someone gifted me 50 million and, for once in a blue moon, the game was fun again. I've had 2 Entity's, Comet, Banshee, Coquette and two other cars deleted from my garage with NO help from customer support or even a glimmer of hope that maybe they would do something to correct the errors. All I got were automated scripted messages that the problem was being looked into and that was it. What really pissed me off was that I got the "Stimulus" package and spent it on the Comet/Banshee only to have everything I spent that money on, deleted from my garage. If that's not trolling, I'm not sure what it. Hey here's you money we promised you, spend it soon cuz we'll be taking it back soon? WTF?


While I've never RP/LSC glitched, I'm just starting off with duping cars since that's really the only thing of interest for me at the moment. I'm hoping the game can be fun again and not super buggy but, who knows.

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Since when is North Yankton considered to be a bad glitch? It's an innocent glitch where you can run around in an area ...

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I just got sick of being poor, and I find the vast majority of the missions to be downright monotonous/tedious. I play almost solely for freeroam.

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I don't need a Billion dollars, but even 5 million would make me happy.


maybe ill consider glitching soon. I really don't want to spend real money on fake money. hahahaha

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I don't glitch because I don't need to.


I only have about 200k, & that's fine.


the first game I loved was 2 color, and played with a joystick with 1 button. (Asteroids)


last night I rode through the desert on a motorcycle with 11 other people from all over the planet. to date that is the greatest video game experience I've ever had.


this game is fantastic. it may not be perfect, but it destroys the games I'd fight with my brothers to play, or shove endless amounts of quarters into in an arcade.


sidenote: people complain about what cars they lost, or about how much they hate chrome Adders, but I hardly ever see people driving... anything.

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