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This is real. I'm just posting on this thread so I'm not eating up all the space on the content creator page. That link http://rsg.ms/1byAfbZ is the link rockstar shortened it too. Look it up yourself on the rockstar social club. My GT is Luckyshot Up, my social club id is buggy2825 and the race is called Vinewood Hills Drift Derby. It's real, not a bs link, I just used the link that rockstar generates when you click share on your created content. I'll be on in 3-4 hours if anyone wants to try it. Is a real link to the rockstar social club and the content I created so idk why the moderator locked my last posts. It's effing bs. I'm just trying to get my race out there bcuz I spent some serious time putting it together. So it's really messed up I'm being punished for trying to get people to race it. Especially considering there isn't any drift type races with exception to Thrills in the Hills, Dipping in, Through the Grapevine, and Learning Curve. I just took it upon myself to make my own drift course and post it all over the forum so people would actually race it. Idk why the moderators locked my threads. Y'all can check it yourself, it's really the race from content creator


"Vinewood Hills Drift Derby" http://rsg.ms/1byAfbZ look for it on the social club search for my created races. Or look up my club Sanguinary Sons MC it's under our created jobs. Guys it's real so please don't lock my forum, I'm just trying to get the likes for my race

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Don't click that link, It is a virus.

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Links are legit - Rockstar Social Club shortens links when you share them.

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Thanks a bunch moonshield. Ay, you play gta at all? Add me if your on xbox. Luckyshot Up

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