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(XBox 360) Car meet/cruise/ street racing (no squeakers )(mic only)

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Hey guys after last night I'm reposting this being more pacific. I will be hosting a car meet (cars only) for car enthusiast alike. We will meet up in different locations to take pictures an show off our rides we will then cruise to different locations! Parking garages, parking lots, different scenic areas for more photo shoots of are cars. We will then deciding on the group engage in some drag racing, drifting,high way pulls. Then maybe some actually point to point/circuit races. I've decided to post some rules as well

#1 must have mic

#2 cars an only cars !!!!!

#3 mature gamers non squeaker boxes

#4 no ramming or hitting each other's cars during car meet/cruise 3 strikes an your out will be kicked

#5 preferable clean style no tacky cars jdm/muscle/European

#6 have fun

Will be hosting at 8:30 EST

Meet up at central Los santos customs

Add or msg me an I will send u an invite when I start it.


Ps: be sure to us a one as the i an a 3 for E

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I'm down gt XxJaymezxX

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I will be attending. Ill shoot you a message and friend request. Last one i was to, we had the meet and cruise and everything, then went mudding/offrading. does that sound good to you?

Ur friends list is full....

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What's your gt I'll add you!

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Icebergg Slimm

I'm in.

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you still active

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