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Question about ice cream, and taxi missions


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Like in GTA3 you get the Bouragin taxi or whatever, so what do you get for doing taxi missions? How many do you have to do? Like 100 like last time?


Ice Cream missions:

How many do you need to compleate (if any) to unlock something?

I have like 57 done...


And you know what, i was having fun doing the pizza boy missions and was having so much fun doing it that i continued, until the mission was passed, it was weird tho cause now my health goes up 2 150 instead of 100 when i do the code, or get a pic-up.



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Dude, you get 150 health if beat the pizza missions, you have to do the icecream missions in one shot I think you gotta get 50 all in one ride if you get out you have to start all over. If you beat vigalanti (get up to level 12) you get 150 armor.

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Yes, and once you complete the 50 ice cream sales in a row, you start making money on your ice cream factory. $4000 a day I think...


After you complete the Taxi missions, you get some stupid boost on all Taxi-type vehicles. You hit the L3 button and your Taxi will boost. At least that's what it says in the guide. :/

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Pizza Boy = Deliver Pizzas up to Level 10, 150 Max Health


Vigilante = Beat Level 12, 150 Max Armor.


Ice Cream = 50 consectutive deals, $4,000 Daily Assets


Taxi (Missions) = Zebra Cab & $5,000 Daily Assets.


Taxi (R3) = 100 Fares, Hydraulics on all cabs/taxis

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