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Things that cause me great anger...


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No doubt GTAVC is a great game, but i have a FEW problems with it.


First and foremost is the OVERABUNDANCE of glare. Cute, glare comes off the back windows of cars. Cute, the sun has lense flare...


NOT CUTE: In the first city, RIGHT in front of the police station (say you've just been arrested) if the sun is directly in front of you, it GLARES? wtf, isnt that a SKYSCRAPER?!


Then i said, maybe its reflecting from behind me... NOPE. the sun in giving massive glare THROUGH a building.


Also, besides POORLY coded lense flare, WHY is the glare so intense. When i think of vice city, i think of shooting through windsheilds, fast cars, miami, guns, and LENSE FLARE. that last one shouldnt EVEN be an afterthought. they OVER DID IT.


i have to play with trails off now because i get headaches from the lense flare. i am constantly (even if i have to be hading towards it for some reason) runnin in the opposite direction of the sun because they put SO much unnecessary emphasis on it.


That is all. Anyone else agree?

requested ban.

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I agree for the simple reason that the other night I was on level 10 of the ambulance mission and I was driving along the beach to pick up a ped and accidentally ran over them (killing them and ending the mission) because it was so difficult to see the arrow through the sun's glare. :/  Frustrating...

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I know what you mean.....it's so bright sometimes it's blinding! It feels like a real sun glare almost.....I say good job Rockstar

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