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Take part of a model from 1 ped, move to another? [3dsmax]

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Righto. So I have this ped skin a friend had made for me. With it, he added a knife sheath to the model.




Now I have the textures and all for it, I just want to take this specific sheath, remove it from the model, and put it on a different model and then add the textures and stuff.


I have Kams scripts but I'm still a beginner and was hoping someone here may be able to help me out.

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Import with dff/IO the dff of ped charackter with detail to attach

isolate the detail and remove the rest and save it as detail.max

Clear the editor and and make a new scene

Import dff of your ped charackter, select it, press M and use pipette (material picker) tool and click on model

now the material editor shows the used materials of your model and the sub menues shows the texturnames

you have give the paths to the correct textures and then click on "show material in viewport"

and you must make shure that "GTA-Material" is used, otherwise click on button right of the material-popup window and select "GTA-Material"

save it as maxfile if everything is ok

Now run the insert/paste function of 3d max and choose detail.max

select your ped charackter and attach the detail (look in "edit mesh" menue menue)


check again if the materials are ok, then save it


Now the hard job, called riggin

it needs to assigne the faces to their bones


the tut: the rigging tut?

following step 4. Fixing Bugs ?


the rigging tut

goin-god discribes there a methode for faster rigging of models with similar mesh from other gta games

I often do it by old school method as described in Creative_Madman's tut, but this side is down

but i saved it on my hard disc and can post it below

you can always "overwrite" the rigging

attach these for the head to the head bone


add a skin modifier from the modify panel



now add all of the bones to this skin modifier



now edit the envelops (ensuring that the verticles box is ticked)



the task now is simple yet can be time consuming when you just begin to learn how to do this process.


1. select the verticles which make up the mesh of one of the several bones (for example head)

2. select the head bone in the bones selection box

3. in the weight properties, ensure that the weight is set to 1.0 and the rigid box is ticked

4. press the paint weights button



when (AND ONLY WHEN) you have enveloped every single verticle to one bone (all verticles must be rigged, but it is not necessary for all bones to be used), will you export your model



My tip:

1. attach every vertices to one bone, to the spline for example, save the file, export the model and test it ingame to see if it works or if something wrong with position (the char will be one fixed object)

2 . continue working with the saved file, if the ingametest was successfull

attach now the vertices to the bones, these for arm mesh to arm bone and so on

you can always "overwrite" the rigging

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