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Only money glitch working after 1.07.

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Apparently 1.07 was a nightmare for the gta online community. Rare cars were gone, cars in your garage disapearing and a lot of annoying crap. If your really sad about this evil update then this money glitch is what will get you back on your feet for new cars.


First: This glitch is more affective in a invite only session.


Second:Go on your phones network, go to the travel crap and scroll all the way down to the last car webpage.


Third:Purchase a dune buggy and wait for its arrival. Do some random stuff while waiting for it to be delivered to your garage or apartment.



Fourth:When the buggy arrives hop on it and drive to the nearest los santos customs. When you arrive, sell the buggy. After its sold go back to your phones network and purchase another dune buggy.Keep repeating these steps until your okay with the amount you made.


This really is the only money glitch. If you have any problems with this (YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T) the add me on PSN:Pelucas5000.




Have fun. :-) I Can also help you get to North Yankton.

Edited by Pelucas5000

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It would probably be more beneficial now to spam Coveted unless they patched the reward bonus of $20,000. Become an expert at that and you're looking at an RP reward plus the money every 3 minutes. This glitch requires you to wait 4 minutes to recall your mechanic/or more if you have to drive to your garage, its more of a pain than a glitch.


'God Damn R* I only needed to get me a Titan and a Luxor and I was DONE lol.

Edited by ToOSk3tChY

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can modders still setup multi million bounties? and what about duping? ive pretty much been mostly out of the loop since 1.05 even though i knew the lsc glitch and duping up to 1.06 but not theres slot requirements and etc that i cant make any sense of

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dune buggy is now $65K

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Still can't sell freebee's anyway (at least that's what I found). :/

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How do you spam coveted? I can't see it in the mission list. do you have to keep calling Martin until he gives you it?

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