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Hookers and pole position


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Well the title sounded a little...umm...well you know.  Anyway, I checked the FAQ's and it didn't say anything about hookers and the strip club.  How do you pick up hookers?  And if you buy pole position, can you go inside?  Argg...so confused...


:alien:  :r*:

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Yes, you can pick up hookers.  If the car has a covered top and you park out of the way you get the old health increase.  Cut off your radio and listen to what they say!


Yes, you can go inside Pole Position once you buy it.  There are tons of threads on here that explain how to Complete the Asset so you can also start earning money from that business.  If you're a weird freaky perv you won't need to be told, though.  You'll do it on your own.  :p

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