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I am well stuck in this Game and its to the point where every time I do a mission and fail it, I GO FUKING CRAZY. Now here are my problems.


Now, I have done all the Missions in the Mansion and I own the Strip Club, Ice Cream Factory, Malibu Club and Print Works. Now I am stuck on the Missions: "The Driver", "Love Fist Bomb".


Now I can nearly beat your man in The Driver but he always just beats me. Can you blow him up and do the mission or can you do anything to beat him.


Where do I go in the Love Fist Mission without being stoped and its fuking doing my head in.


Another thing how do I get the other missions what do I do? I heard you get two more missons off Lance or something. HELP ME PLEASE!

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For the Love Fist mission...Make your way to the really long outer road on the island. Drive at a moderate speed, so you don't get to the end too quick. If you do get to the end, where you see the docks either turn around which doesn't usually work, or keep going and risk small roads and a lot of traffic. I thought it was pretty easy, got it on my second try.

I turned around during it you just gotta do it smooth and quick. :sly:

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When the Lovefist bomb mission starts you have a few seconds before the bomb sensor activates.  I turned around and drove toward the Stadium.  I then drove as slow as I could around the Stadium so that the meter didn't go up.  You should be able to pull off a little more than one timw around the Stadium before they defuse the bomb.  Also, it ALWAYS rains on that mission.  That just adds to the fun.



On "The Driver," his car has better acceleration, but yours does have a higher top speed.  The key is to keep as close as possible to him until you get to the turns.  Use all the turning skills you developed in Gran Turismo to get inside him on the turns and wipe him out.  Just like the street races the other drivers SUCK at recovering from a wipe out.  When you get to the point where the two cop cars try to ram you ('T' intersection by the water and southern bridge) you want to get on the grass/sidewalk on the right and go between the light pole and wall.  The cops are aiming to hit you at the intersection and this will help you dodge them... mostly.  Then it's a quick drive to the end of the race.


Good luck!



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