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No Man's Sky


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Does anyone know if any of the save editors lets you remove the settlement connection? I hate all the management stuff in the game, like functional bases and freighters but I got caught out by the settlement thing and now it's just one more thing that the game is nagging me about. I just want to play in Relaxed mode as a lone space explorer doing relic & artifact hunting with some occasional explorer missions... like taking photos, scanning minerals etc... alongside following the story. I am probably one of the very few people that really liked the launch version and used to spend 5 - 6 hours each night just chilling on different planets. I used to play it on PS4 through a projector though so it was pretty cool to play like that on a big screen. Now I am on PC and am starting from scratch.


I suspect you can't break the connection but I don't have the save editor to check and I don't want to make a Nexusmods account just for that... I don't want a Nexusmods account at all really so I was also going to ask if anyone actually had the save editor. Or is the one on GitHub just as good?


Edit: Just noticed that Nom Nom is also on GitHub, so that resolves the Nexus problem. I will download it and see what it can do.


Edit: You can change settlement values but you can't remove it... I will just have to make sure it isn't ever the active mission/objective.

Edited by LeeC22
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With all these updates from different games I'm not keeping up 😅 so another chance to gain expedition limited items like the current one I'm trying to get the pirate cape! I just started and I have a couple days left 😨 but here is the schedule


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Expedition rewards come back all the time from what I've seen, either through in-game reruns or Twitch drops. Or if you play on PC a quick and easy file edit can get you them all.

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They usually do it end of year but just for that year for this case it's the 2022 expeditions and not the 2021 expeditions, they do put some items on twitch but not all of them. For my case I'm on ps5 on this game. 

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