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No Man's Sky

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I'm not seeing any players on Xbox in the nexus. Is it broken? Some textures are low res too or look smeared.

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Cameron Star
Posted (edited)

I accidentally lost my firetrucking ship last night when I found a crashed ship and claimed it without realizing I could only have one, then I couldn't interact with my old ship. The auto save was after the fact and it also made my old ship disappear, and my last manual save was about four hours earlier. So that was fun.


21 hours ago, korhan332 said:

I Still can't seem to find a way to farm credits is there any guides ? :D I'm really short on credits how can I Grind efficiently

I like to shoot up some asteroids and sell the materials you get from it or do some missions from an agent that reward credits when I need some.

Edited by Cameron Star

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On 8/16/2019 at 3:30 AM, JON22 said:

I'm not seeing any players on Xbox in the nexus. Is it broken? Some textures are low res too or look smeared.

Same here. Seems like you and I are the only people left playing on XB1, Jon :D I have it on PS4 too (original 2016 purchase) and the Nexus is pretty populated there every time i've looked in.



With NMS's update in general, I've been enjoying it (having started again and that's a lot better than before) and the additional storage space and streamlining of some areas of the game is very, very welcome, but I still have the same issues as before - procedurally generated planets still have a tendency to look similar, going as far as having the exact same plants, creatures and colour schemes on worlds that are thousands of light years apart. I'd like more dead worlds to be honest - they're more exciting to me as I feel its a challenge to set up bases and bring life to them - and I always feel disheartened when I warp into a system and touch down on a new planet to see it crammed full of bushes, trees and those stupid hostile curled-up plants that appear on almost every planet in the galaxy... I have multiple saves and some of them I can't tell apart! Surely the modular assets produced by the art team can be more versatile than this? It badly hurts my desire to explore the galaxy. 


I'd rather star systems to be populated with more lifeless rocks (that could be partially terraformed in some cases maybe) and gaseous planets (that could be used for atmospheric resource gathering) with a smaller percentage of hostile or habitable worlds. They need to provoke excitement, not "oh look, yet another snow/toxic/desert planet". As for the necessary resources needed to get your ship off the ground, that should be overhauled and simplified too as it would reduce the need for the random planet generation to place carbon, ferrite, dihydrogen etc etc. on every planet to prevent people from being marooned (spacecraft could contain distress beacons that call in friendly aliens to help maybe, like an extra-terrestrial AA?:D). Also, with that in mind, relying on a spacecraft with such huge dependencies on specific ingredients to operate at a basic level surely isn't a good thing when attempting to explore the great unknown... 


In addition, the base building is still all over the place, with three disparate sets of assets that are largely incompatible, and multiple collision issues on platforms and doorways. With HG having a small dev team is it really so hard to plan ahead to create a single, uniform scale for base assets to snap to? This current system limits potential for base building unnecessarily and results in more 'same old' styles of structures which hurts the longevity of the experience. I don't know how this game can have magnificent creative vision, but a consistently flawed execution. Are the team not communicating or playing their game at all? I didn't notice this as much until I played a Creative save, and now the flaws are hard to ignore. I'd be so disappointed if I was working to unlock all of these elements in Survival just to find that many of them don't even connect.


With all of the above thoughts I've sent feedback to HG following BEYOND's release, but then noticed through related Google searches that many of these issues were identified by other players shortly after NEXT. That doesn't give me much hope that they'll be addressed anytime soon (or at all).


It's such a shame because I do really like this game and will continue to dabble with it when I get the urge, but the long-standing poor design decisions and scattershot priorities for development stop me from truly loving it.

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@Coleco I hate building because I have no creativity at all. I also hate that you can't snap storage containers to floor tiles. They look messy placed on the ground so I looked for a way to have them not look messy on youtube. I just have one base for what I need, then any other bases I build are just to mark portals in case I feel like messing around with them.


I've seen a few players on Xbox. Still get smudged textures which is annoying. I've tried the ps4 version but can't stand the loud fan from the console. Ps4 looks better though. Also did they reintroduce that tessellation thingy on Xbox? Ground doesn't look as flat but it looks way better on base ps4 compared to base Xbox One.

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Billy Russo

For me, I find that I have to be in a very particular frame of mind to truly enjoy this game. It's really not one of those games you can just boot up randomly and enjoy, at least IMO. I play it at most once or twice a week when I'm in that chill mood. I'm just a very competitive and progression type of guy when I play games so it's rare for me to get in to the right mood for it. Whilst No Man's Sky definitely has progression, it sadly doesn't feel as satisfying as other games for me. I put that down to me not being that huge on the creativity side.

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10 hours ago, JON22 said:

@Coleco I hate building because I have no creativity at all. I also hate that you can't snap storage containers to floor tiles.


I know right - I cannot understand why floor tiles don't snap to other base elements, and I've had trouble linking landing pads to doorways and foundations. Collision issues, no snap options, no ability to control the height of supports without a convoluted method of building and deleting lower assets... it all feels like it's being directed by someone who doesn't understand or has never looked at how people interact with creative tools in games.


I just wonder that if the base building was a little more intuitive, those who consider themselves not to be creative might get more out of it. I'll keep sending feedback anyway because I'd love for it to improve but I think it's going to be another case of game developers missing low-level game enhancing opportunities in favour of flashy and ultimately pointless things like VR support.


I'm also getting the long load times for textures on XB1 - mine's a 2014 model so I assume NMS's updates haven't been optimised for the older hardware.

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