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No Man's Sky

Recommended Posts


Ok I have made some corrections on nanites 


Also I found out the max ships you can own is 6 


And I found this on Reddit 





Turns out all you have to do to get wispering eggs is either put a signal booster and stand on top or stand on egg they can't jump so they can't hurt you you just have to wait till they disperse



So I was hunting for an exotic ship 

I didn't find but I found a different fighter ship that I liked, I was on the fence on buying it I cause I wanted a exotic ship I kept going back to the NPC so he wouldn't leave and ended up buying it :D


i found it on a wealthy system and I'm going to build it up (upgrades) on my old ship I'm still upgrading it with s class upgrades I think it's getting op :D


Tip#6 if you put upgrades together you get a boost on the stats they will highlight a colored ring around it


I kinda built a teleporter on a cave entrance at my base but I forgot to save and my game crashed so I have to build it again but better.



It's a huge cave system that keeps going with multiple entrances. I'm really enjoying this game :)

Edited by deadx23

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Yeah, I'm really enjoying NMS again... this time on XBone too. No regrets on a second purchase - It's evolved nicely and I hope it will continue to do so.


So far I've only explored three systems and then only one at length - already racked up 25 hours playtime. Building a decent base is my current goal, preferably on a really quiet, dark, barren planet.


Does anyone know if there's a limit to how many bases a player can create? I want to do an archaeological dig site near an ancient ruin as well as my home/farm on a different planet in the same system.

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You can build as many bases as you like.  I had 50+ at one point.  


If you create a Base Storage Capsule at a primary location you can revisit base locations, delete and recover a % of site materials.




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Been enjoying this a lot lately - shooting as I go.

























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New update incoming a week from now :D

 The abbyss 



"A new free update is releasing next week for all players. We’ve called it The Abyss, because it focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man’s Sky, in keeping with the theme of this season."


Two other small community updates released about two weeks 

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What's with that area full of messages through a portal? That place is nasty. Spent ten seconds there before going back. First message that popped on my screen was 'Elite Dangerous is better' lol.

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the hoops I have to jump through to download, share to Twitter then copy and paste on a f*cking tablet


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