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Phil Collin

Best gang in GTA Vice City.

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i think best gang is vercetti gang


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Certainly the Super Mario Bros Vercetti Gang!  Because after Sonny Forelli's death, they basically domains the entire Vice City.
And also the Cubans.

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Ballas King

Cubans with their big Cojones XD!

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1 hour ago, wfank said:

Cubans with their big Cojones XD!



"I think It will be rain today", "one day dis will be my town man", "gracias pero no thanks man x]]]

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Ballas King

A thing I never got over was Vercittee gang never playing a big part in the story and you never get to recruit them till the very end by when it no longer matters. San Andreas makes it up, recruiting GSF early in the story depending on your respect and play role in missions (Los Sepulcros for eg) , and ceiling them as the Los Santo's most powerful gang is what is the major part of the initial saga and final saga of the game and gang wars against tough foes like Ballas and Vagos is the most fun thing in the entire series for me. VC the only major gang role is the Cuban-Haitian conflict which sadly even isnt part of the main story. Regardless I really enjoyed the Cuban Haitian things and though I like the Cubans and chose them , I love it when Haitians keep charging at me after Trojan Voodoo, so its a tie between them. Also there is the army at the army base, again something that could have been great unused in the story other than Sir Yes Sir . There are some mods that allow more gang involvement and those keep VC still cool to me. 😎

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