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Feature length movie based on GTA Online footage

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Hi guys


I completed a movie script a year ago and had the dialogue recorded by friends of mine. The idea was to create a 2 hour epic Lego stop motion feature with it, but unfortunately the time constraints and limitations with the figurines caused havoc with the project.


I then decided to create the entire movie with GTA online footage!!


The process is very doable! In essence I need "actors" for this project. I need each character to be distinctly different from each other. I need one leading lady character as well.


This is what I need from community members looking to be a part of this project:

  1. For practicality sake we need to arrange a period of 5 days where we can act out and record the scenes. We need lots of footage, so patience and willingness to do exactly what the script requires you to do is key.
  2. You need to be aware that my available times are limited from 8pm to 1am during the week. I am in AFRICA, so peeps willing to be part of this project would in all practicality be based in Europe, Africa, etc. IF you are based in the USA be prepared to be online from 12pm onwards during your day time.
  3. I need everyone to be willing to dress their character in clothing required and to remove tattoos where needed.
  4. If you have a character that looks different from the norm, GREAT!! I want you!!
  5. Be aware - we will NOT be recording audio. All audio, sound effects, etc will be added at a later stage.
  6. Be prepared to die...OFTEN!! We all know how difficult it is to stay alive in GTA Online, so we will create a private lobby once we have added each other as friends. Stunts can go wrong, stuff will explode and characters will die a lot...in the persuit of the perfect scene.



a (late) PS: This will happen on the PS3 version of GTA Online

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