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The driver. please help me.

Daddy Mack

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Some one, please help me. I can't beat this mission. I have been stuck on it for at least 3-4 weeks. I have tried raming him and setting the wanted lvl up high, but the cops don't go after him. When I get to the bridge near the Malibu Club, I can cut through the trees and take the lead, kinda. Please, help me, his car is indestructible.

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I was stuck for a day, but I found the answer is just to try and either clip his tail from the side so he spins out, or ram him into a patch of trees. Other than that you gotta powerslide round all the corners and just be good at general traffic-weaving, the street races at Sunshine Autos'll teach you good about that. Keep at it buddy icon14.gif

user posted image
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Do what DieselGT said.  That's the exact way to win that race.


Also, at one point two cop cars try to ram you at an intersection ('T' intersection by the water and southern most bridge).  Stay to the right and go between the light pole and the wall on the right side of the road at that intersection.  That should help you avoid the worst of those two cops.

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Some one, please help me. I can't beat this mission. I have been stuck on it for at least 3-4 weeks.

[gullible] Wow, do you work for R*??? How did you get it 4 weeks ago???  It's only been out for 2! [/gullible]


As for helping, just stick with him (behind him) for about 3/4 of the race, then make your move then, he should be making mistakes by then, and one little tap is all you need to send him into a tree/wall/spin-out, and then you can take the lead and finish the race.

user posted image

Thanks -shaDow

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It took me a few tries, but I was always able to wipe him out by the police station just after the first turn.  If you drive as straight as possible and cut the corner correctly you can be in his bumper in the first quarter of the race.

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