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Round III: Is there any way to get good performance in IV/EFLC?



Alright, this is the third time I've made a topic like this. I'm kind of surprised that after five years there are no mods that optimize IV in any way. Yet I always hear about how "the community had to optimize the game."


It's either you use some launch commands that don't even really seem to do anything, or downgrade IV to - which honestly, is my least favorite "solution" to see get thrown around. Not only does this fix the performance, but it's not a solution for EFLC. Downgrading to is also the same thing as turning down the graphics in


I find it amazing how people are able to run GTA IV on max settings, let alone with mods like ENB or iCEnhancer. What really astounds me is that I've seen multiple benchmarks or videos where people are using the same GPU as me, yet I can't get the same performance as them.


For reference, I have an AMD FX-6300 six-core, running at 3.5Ghz. A Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 with 2GB of video memory. And 8GB of RAM. This set up is better than my i5-2310 and HD 6850, yet I'm still getting the same performance. Hell, I think it's even a bit worse.


Seriously, give me a combination of graphic settings to try out and I'll let you know what kind of framerate I get. It's crazy, it makes no sense.


Is there truly any possible way to get some good performance out of IV/EFLC? Is there any hope of optimizing the game? Why the hell does it run so bad in the first place? What kind of tricks are you guys doing with your game to get it to run so good?

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only really solution is to reduce the amount of 3D objects on map but it's tremendous work . another thing that works pretty well too , that i discovered it's to do like if you were changing of user in Windows , you don't change user you come back to your session , the game runs better . so yes there is a solution but it needs some work

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Doesn't detail distance remove the amount of 3D objects rendered? Like mailboxes, fences, trash cans etc? The lower the value, the closer you have to be.


Can you provide some more on the second thing? Are you talking about Alt-Tabbing out of the game, opening the start menu and logging out?



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only real solution i know it's to reduce game worload as much as you can . this can be by reducing 3D objects on the map like trash bins etc that are numerous , it can be also by removing useless textures by using transparent ones instead , giving priority to 1024x1024 cars textures instead of 2048x2048 etc .. don't forget to back up if you do that

yes i was talking of logging out in Windows it takes 5s and it works pretty good

Edited by jpm1

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Yeah, I think that's what GTA V does. The detail and view distance for things is very low, but there are so many LOD models and textures that the transition is very smooth, and hardly noticeable


It seems 10 for View+Detail distance seem to be the equivalent to GTA V, while allowing you to increase your framerate or other settings. Night Shadows are still an absolute killer.


So with this logging out thing, the whole process is just logging out, then logging back in? Is that it? What exactly is this doing?


I still find it really odd that I can only run everything on Very High, minus Night Shadows, and put Detail/View distance ridiculously low to get 40FPS - when there are people out there with a similar set-up, or even less powerful rigs, running the game at max settings - or even iCEnhancer.

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In GTA IV, it is better if you set the reflection resolution at low, water reflection at middle and the anisotropic filtering at x8. Texture quality should be set at high, because I know from experience that this is the best compromise between performance and quality. The performance is in fact lower if it's set to middle for reasons I don't know. Vehicle density should be a little lower; AMD processors generally have a lower IPC (performance per core at a given frequency), thus setting it a little lower might be a good idea. I would start with 60 and then set it lower and lower, and test the performance every time. Shadows and especially night shadows are very needy when it comes to the performance. Setting both of them at high may gives you a considerable hit on the performance when compared to middle settings. View- and detail distance also hits the performance a little, but you can set it on high settings without any issues.

I'm running GTA IV with the following settings; resolution: 1920x1080, texture quality: high, reflection resolution: low, water quality: middle, shadows quality: high, night shadows quality: high, anisotropic filtering x8, view- and detail distance: each 80, vehicle density: 60. My system specifications: Intel Core i5 4670K 3.4GHz, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, Gigabyte GeForce GTX460 1G OC.


I just did some in-game benchmarks; I allegedly have about 63 FPS in GTA IV, over 51 FPS in The Lost and Damned, and 42 FPS in The Ballad of Gay Tony. All values are based on the in-game benchmarks, not seperate ones. Just to clarify, I'm using patch for the main game, and patch for Episodes from Liberty City.

Edited by Andreas.

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I'll try those out, thanks.


I actually just upped my settings the other day, and I can get a stable FPS of 30 with everything on Very High, View Distance 21, Detail Distance 10 (these are the console distances) and Vehicle Density at 51. But stuttering is a huge issue, and all the solutions I've looked up just don't work. I emailed Rockstar Support about the stuttering and I've been waiting almost a week for a response. Even on High there is stuttering, it's crazy.


But I'll definitely try out your suggestion. But when you say "middle" do you mean Medium? Because there is Low, Medium, High, and Very High. So that would either be Medium or High.


I'm not sure how this will work out though, as it has been mentioned in the past, lowering your settings too much can actually decrease performance, because when the game is running on higher settings it gets dumped onto the GPU instead of the CPU.


EDIT: Tried the settings you gave me, even tried putting View Distance to 21, Detail to 10, and Vehicles to 51. I got better performance with everything on Very High, View: 21, Detail: 10, Vehicles: 51. But damn does it stutter.

Edited by cp1dell

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Bumping this, hoping I can get some help. I have some useful data here.


Specs again for reference:


Processor: AMD FX-6300 3.5Ghz Six-Core
Memory: 8GB (2x4GB)
Video Card: Sapphire HD Radeon 7870 2GB
OS: Windows 7 64-Bit and Service Pack 1


Played GTA IV for about twenty-five minutes, driving around the city fast, knocking stuff over, doing vigilante missions and getting wanted. I used HWiNFO64 to log my system. And there's something I noticed about my CPU. First off:
GPU Clock was practically always at 1050 Mhz. I'm getting an average of 1027, but that's most likely because before and after I closed the GTA IV I was getting a core clock of 300Mhz.
GPU usage had an average of 90% with a maximum of 99%.
Total CPU Usage average was 43% with a maximum of 60.7%
Max CPU/Thread Usage average was 65% with a maximum of 94.7%
Core 0 Usage average was 63% with a maximum of 94.7%
Core 1 Usage average was 40% with a maximum of 76.1%
Core 2 Usage average was 29% with a maximum of 55.6%
Core 3 Usage average was 54% with a maximum of 84.9%
Core 4 Usage average was 34% with a maximum of 59.3%
Core 5 Usage average was 38% with a maximum of 94.7%
What stuck out to me was that some cores are being used a lot more than others, could this be causing problems? Not sure if any of you have ever used the program, but there's also information for my HDD, RAM, Virtual Memory, MOBO, stuff like that. If it would help let me know. But right now, I feel like the CPU could be the issue with the game not fully utilizing all of them.
Oh, and I also had FRAPS running and got an average of 52FPS and a minimum of 32FPS, but looking through the FRAPS log it only went down to 33FPS for literally one second. Everything else is 40+, obviously since the average is 52FPS.
Edited by cp1dell

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fx6300 is not true six core for GTA IV. this is the reason why i never upgraded to fx from x4 975

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