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Catfish Pie

Anyone else having these problems?

Recommended Posts

Catfish Pie

Hi all, a few weeks ago I completed the game to 100% (not true 100% just the min requirements)

I posted in the Missions section as I had an issue with "The Last One" popping.

This still has not appeared on the map for Franklin despite dying and saving multiple times!???? Also now I think maybe other random events etc are not happening! Ie the Weed farm one, I did this once probably about 2 months ago as Trevor, and just lately I've driven up and down that dirt track to the place different characters, at different times of day on every day of the week, but nothing!

There are Lot of other random encounters I have not completed, for example prisoner lifts, and security trucks, but alas, nothing seems to be "popping" anymore.

Could this be an issue with patches, or to do with multiple saves etc?

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Catfish Pie

I also meant to add that I no longer get calls from my owned properties anymore either, despite owning all of them apart from a couple of cinemas and the golf club.

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Yeah, I've been wondering if my saves are flawed too... there seem to be things that were supposed to happen that I don't recall happening... it says 100%, but I'm wondering if there is a glitch.

In retrospect I probably should have played the game with a checklist next to me... but, realistically who does that?


I was playing through for 100% just to try and solve the mural mystery... but if my saves are flawed somehow and it says 100% but the game is not recognizing it as so... I really think that would suck... that and I'm not playing through again, don't have the time for it.


Back in SA I used two separate memory cards for my saves with cheats and my "clean saves"... but even though I was very-very-very careful, my clean saves became corrupted somehow and the game thought I used a cheat... I forget what the consequence of that was, but it really pissed me off.

I have avoided using cheats at all in GTA V because of that.

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Catfish Pie

Hi again all,

Has anyone else encountered this? Because my story mode now seems completely broken!? No calls or txts from properties, no random events, no security trucks, no weed farm missions, so not much hope of The Last One appearing either eh!?

Is this all possibly due to resent patches, or something to do with multiple saves? Any help, advice, or work around would be apreciated.

Thank you all.

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Catfish Pie

Bump pls :)

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What was the last mission you did?

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Catfish Pie

The last main mission I did was obviously the option ? (-dunno how to add spoiler thingy!) one at the end of the story. But since then I also completed the epsilon missions. Everything was still fine after that, it's only been since about 3-4 weeks ago that things seemingly just stopped happening.

Have checked on social club and I have a few security trucks, and other events not completed; ie The Last One, prisoner lifts etc etc.....

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Many people across multiple sites, including R* support are having this issue. Along with me as well, my issue is the exact same as the OP's.

R* is working hard for a workaround to the issue, so far some people have found skipping a cab ride, saving in a new slot, going to gta o and back to work. But for me nothing has worked, I think we just got to wait it out.

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