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Need hacker (read)

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The other day I joined a friend who said a hacker was in the lobby giving $2b bounty's. As i joined him the hacker left and put a $-100m dollar bounty on my friend. Before he could tell me not to kill him i did and received the money. If anyone could help me with finding a decent hacker or is a hacker could you please add me on psn: kelvin_00. It sucks being negative and not being able to buy anything or get your cars from MMI. I would tell R* but i dont want them setting my bank to 0 which has happened to other players with negative balances.

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I was given a billion dollars I didn't ask for nor did I want but I have no choice now but to keep it,


I think these hackers are ruining the experience making the money is one of the main parts of this game if you have a billion dollars and able to buy everything now then what's the point in playing the game anymore?

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omg this made me laugh

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No way man, that's nasty.

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I've find this strange really, I've hardly ran into any hackers, No one has given me a Billion dollars or anything like that.



But.... You would of been able to give the money to anyone, But R* patched that in update 1.02 i think. Now you can only give money from Store robbery's. and races etc.

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I find more good ones than bad lately but i haven't found one since this happened.

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