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Would You Shoot an Unarmed Man?

Shooting an Unarmed Person?  

108 members have voted

  1. 1. How would you react?

    • Kill him immediately.
    • Watch him, then kill him if he pulls a weapon. Leave him be if he doesn't.
    • Ignore him completely until/if he initiates combat.

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Leave him be unless he pulls a weapon or is a little kid screaming in the mic

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I met an unarmed man once, 10mins later we were doing a suicide run of mount chilliad

Sweet!I've had a lot of fun just teaming up with randoms and doing crazy sh*t, lol u haven't experienced gta online until you've had an unorganised 8 player brawl on the top of the maze tower, ahh good times. Edited by Lil Jacob 27

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Usually I will wait a sec or two. This is GTA of course. If your just guna be standing there turn on passive mode. Otherwise I'm guna shoot you once and chuckle a little cuz you was dumb enough to just stand there.


Now your actions when you respawn will determine what direction our encounter will go. I've had people hop in and ride for a bit then to step out when I stop just to gun me to death and try to take off in my car.


At which point I respawned asap and kicked that fool from ride and sniped him. Its seriously easy because the car rolls to a stop and the player simply steps out into an easy sitting duck shot.

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Honestly, it all depends on my mood. If I feel like killing random people, then yes, I will. If I don't wan't to attract attention to myself, then no, I won't.

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If I'm driving my Infernus (bulletproof back) I would probably face the back towards them and honk for them to get in or just drive off. If they shoot then I run them down.


If I was on foot I would take cover behind something and watch what they do. If they seem friendly I will come out and do some cheesy quick action.


Other days I may be feeling violent and kill them right there.

Edited by rawrsnar

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Ravey Davey

Shoot em, almost every time. If it turns out they're in passive mode, I might leave them alone, or I might teach them to stand where my car can't get them.

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I would go unarmed, and beat him.

Although it never works because I've already shot them before I notice.


(Actually in seriousness I give them about 1 second before lifting the gun to try and judge their actions, although this doesn't always work, some people fake being nice then shoot you anyway after a while, in which case if I have the opportunity, I'll try to kill them 2-3 times for being a douche)

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This is GTA, not Sims.


Then why can I play Tennis and Golf and Drink in my apartment and Dress my character up in pretty clothes.


This is Sims. Not GTA.


Wait... there's tennis and golf in this game? and you can dress in pretty clothes? I had no idea. But apparently you did. Good luck with that, bro.

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This is GTA, not Sims.

You could also say, 'this is gta not cod', your point is irrevelant, the aim of the game is not to shoot anything that moves despite popular belief.


To the OP, I would get in my car and pull away while keeping a sharp eye on the guy, I get nothing from killing him but an unhealthy police pressence...I've got things to do that require a low profile. But then, you won't see me moaning in the 'cops are too heavy in this game' threads or the 'oh the impound is annoying' threads for that matter. Live by the sword....

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Der Norden

If I see him moving I kill him. If he is not moving I eventually take the time to kill him with melee weapons or one shot to the head. I don't feel safe when a not-friend is close enough to me that he can kill me. Most of them would kill you if they get the opportunity, so you better kill him first.

Edited by Preusse

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I wish i could come in here and vote with innocence but i cant.

See one time early on...i was just minding my business tryingto get to Rank 15...and i come across a guy in a car and as he is pulling up to me, i hear him through my TV saying....."no no dont kill me, im unarmed...see?"

he gets out of the car, i let go of the aim button and what does the piece of sh*t do?..... THE UNARMED MAN PULLS PUT A SHOTGUN and gets one of the cheapest, lamest kills i have ever given anyone in the history of my GTA series gaming. I trusted the guy, i mean, he was on my TV pleading i didnt pull the trigger...he gets out of the car unarmed and the moment i let my guard down and think im making a friend, i get f*cked....so no....if you are unarmed and you come across a player called ConGamePro.....i will kill you. No questions asked.

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First 2 months of the game - NO

Now....yeah. In a heartbeat. Shoot on sight.

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Jack Reacher

Il send him a txt asking if he is willing to have sex with me. If he declines or ignores it he gets a shotgun blast to the face.


Don't judge me.

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