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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

old?,false?,proofed vehicle


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I just thought of something ( cant check, dunno vehicle names ) but at wrong side of the tracks you follow train and at some point ( scripted ) vehicles explode ( i think 2 vehicles ). I never thought about ( so maybe no1 has ) but arent these vehicles somehow proofed?. I guess you can push them in your garage but dont know if those vehicles easier get able or dissaeper or even proofed. Sorry if this very old.

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One vehicle sitting on the tracks. Why would it be proofed? It's there to be hit by the train and explode on impact to delay CJ/BS.

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I'm fairly sure that the vehicle doesn't have any proofings at all. It is just scripted to explode when it's touched by the train. Some time ago, OrionSR posted a complete list of all proofed vehicles which he found in game files.

I doubt there are any other proofed vehicles which aren't listed in his post; however you can try to find new methods how to obtain vehicles listed there. For instance, no one has figured out a way how to obtain Leviathan in "Up up and away" but the vehicle's properties have been found long time ago.

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Hey 0909090, ye i checked 1 topic with proofed vehicles only problem is i dont know vehicle names. Thanks for respond and lil weasel im 99% sure those vehicles scripted ( most logic ), so i thought maybe somehow proofed so theres no way that it goes wrong ( makes mission easier/harder ).

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Using Smokes Glendale, I was able to get to the Glendale on the tracks and push it out of the way before the impact. The results: There are no proofed stats (bullets, fire, etc) during or after the mission.

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Hey king andreas, thanks for taking the effort. I thought R* maybe proofed the vehicle so there sure it wont go wrong

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