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How to mute car engine audio?

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So did you already find how to modify speed of vehicle sounds?

speed of sound? i think you got it wrong, i said "make to change the speed and sound of engine" :p


And about objects - you can attach them to car in way like extras are attached - create a copy of needed model as atomic and add it to vehicle clump. For me it is the best solution here,

interesting, tell more about this

i'm creating the "BMS Sound Shop" all with objects attachs, and some objects "moving-attaching"

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I believe I found out what makes the vehicle's sound not being syncronized with the gear change. The issue lies onto those functions (possibly 0x006D0460, 0x006D0530 and 0x006D05E0) of CVehicle which increase and/or decrease m_iGear (CVehicle + 0x04B4). They do not reckon with the fourth (unordered) state of ?m_cEngineState (CVechileData + 0xA9). The first gear should be engaged only when the third state is set (on the basis of the engine sound).


Regarding the clump attaching, you can follow this script.


//Edit: Seemingly, RPM are at CVehicleData + 0x0148.

Edited by Wesser

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RPM = CVehicleData + 0x0148


i will start the tests...


about attaching... how so? how "create a copy of model as atomic"? and then, how to use this "atomic"?


edit: omg........... when i mute the car audio the rpm don't change...........

this "rpm" is a value from engine audio?... i mute the audio then don't returns value

Edited by Junior_Djjr

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ok with tests i see

thats is it, the "rpm" is from the state of sound engine, works in total time of audio, for example, i'm put the sound of bmx in elegy and then the elegy starts to change the gear more fast (when you can see in the suspension and sound) ..and the "rpm" is 0-5000, where the original sound of elegy is from 0-17000


really, now i'm need to get the total time of audio and search a way to make the car no audio and with "rpm", where the "rpm" is from state of audio (wtf? how? lol)



this is a sh*t, if any other people can try, tips: use the .wav audio to don't bug the loop of sounds, and use audio with separates rpms (i'm using the audio converted from forza) ...then only check the rpm and play/stops the audiostreams


anyway, thanks very much, i will use the "rpm" to create a turbo audio (no problems here :p )



...now, tell more about this "atomics" and "clump attaching"

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0x6D0460 void cTransmission::InitGearRatios(void)0x6D0530 void cTransmission::CalculateGearForSimpleCar(float velocity, unsigned __int8 *pCurrrentGear) // NPC0x6D05E0 float cTransmission::CalculateDriveAcceleration(float *pGasPedal, unsigned __int8 *pCurrentGear, float *pGearChangeCount, float *pSpeed, float *unk1, float *unk2, bool onGround, char handlingType) // player
field_148 must be WORD, right?


00000000 cVehicleAudio   struc ; (sizeof=0x24C)00000000 .               CDummyAudio ?0000007C field_7C        dw ?0000007E                 db ? ; undefined0000007F                 db ? ; undefined00000080 m_properties    VehicleAudioProperties ?000000A4 m_bEnabled      db ?000000A5 m_bPlayerDriver db ?000000A6 m_bPlayerPassenger db ?000000A7 m_bVehicleRadioPaused db ?000000A8 m_bSoundsStopped db ?000000A9 m_nEngineState  db ?000000AA field_AA        db ?000000AB                 db ? ; undefined000000AC field_AC        dd ?000000B0 UnkModelFlag    db ?                    ; 1000000B1                 db ? ; undefined000000B2 m_wRainDropCounter dw ?                 ; if () > 3 () = 0000000B4 field_B4        dw ?000000B6                 db ? ; undefined000000B7                 db ? ; undefined000000B8 field_B8        dd ?000000BC field_BC        db ?000000BD m_bDisableHeliEngineSounds db ?000000BE field_BE        db ?000000BF m_bSirenOrAlarmPlaying db ?000000C0 m_bHornPlaying  db ?000000C1                 db ? ; undefined000000C2                 db ? ; undefined000000C3                 db ? ; undefined000000C4 m_fSirenVolume  dd ?                    ; -100.0000000C8 m_bModelWithSiren db ?000000C9                 db ? ; undefined000000CA                 db ? ; undefined000000CB                 db ? ; undefined000000CC m_dwBoatHitWaveLastPlayedTime dd ?000000D0 field_D0        dd ?000000D4 field_D4        dd ?000000D8 m_fGeneralVehicleSoundVolume dd ?000000DC m_wEngineDecelerateSoundBankId dw ?000000DE m_wEngineAccelerateSoundBankId dw ?000000E0 m_nEngineBankSlotId dw ?000000E2 field_E2        dw ?000000E4 m_aVehicleSounds CVehicleSound 12 dup(?)00000144 field_144       dd ?00000148 field_148       dw ?0000014A field_14A       dw ?0000014C field_14C       dw ?0000014E field_14E       dw ?00000150 field_150       dd ?00000154 field_154       dw ?00000156 field_156       dw ?00000158 field_158       dd ?                    ; offset0000015C m_wRoadNoiseSoundType dw ?0000015E _pad0           db 2 dup(?)00000160 m_pRoadNoiseSound dd ?                  ; offset00000164 m_wFlatWheelSoundType dw ?00000166 _pad1           db 2 dup(?)00000168 m_pFlatWheelSound dd ?                  ; offset0000016C field_16C       dw ?0000016E                 db ? ; undefined0000016F                 db ? ; undefined00000170 field_170       dd ?                    ; offset00000174                 db ? ; undefined00000175                 db ? ; undefined00000176                 db ? ; undefined00000177                 db ? ; undefined00000178 m_pHornTonSound dd ?                    ; offset0000017C m_pSirenSound   dd ?                    ; offset00000180 m_pPoliceSirenSound dd ?                ; offset00000184 m_skiddingSoundMgr cVehicleSkiddingSoundMgr ?0000022C field_22C       dd ?                    ; -1.000000230 field_230       dd ?                    ; -100.000000234 field_234       dd ?                    ; -1.000000238 field_238       dd ?0000023C field_23C       dd ?                    ; 1.000000240 field_240       dd ?00000244 m_bNitroSoundPresent db ?00000245 field_245       db 3 dup(?)00000248 field_248       dd ?                    ; -1.00000024C cVehicleAudio   ends

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