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This Saturday 12/7 Hosted Role Played Bank Bobbery.

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When: Saturday, starting at 11:00am mountain time. -wont start the actual robbery till noonish.

Where: My Private serverarrow-10x10.png

How many: 3-4 people. (are welcome if more are interested)

Roles to fill

- 1 driverarrow-10x10.png

- 1-2 gunners

- 1 saboteur

- The Event will last 2 1/2 hours due to me having to run into work. I might start it earlier if we feel we need more time.

-The jobarrow-10x10.png will have 3 phases... all that we will Role play through on head sets.

1. Scouting phase.

- This will be a quick, 15 min or so drive around of the bank. Its the bank with the interior open. (only interior we can really mess with) We will discuss entry point and escape route. We will also set a rondevu during this time. Hopefully we can all get out in 1 car and let the driverarrow-10x10.png do his part, however, we may get separated.

2. Action phase

- this is going in and getting the cash. There will be no in game loot so it is all Role played out, We can do a survival after and all get 20k if it makes you feel better... This will be the going in and securing the loot phase. It will result in a certain process that I have found to get the cops called with a good enough response time.

a. We will have to go in at night as there are no npcs in the bankarrow-10x10.png so it will be a night break in. the Saboteur will toss a charge on the door and blow it. At this point one of the gunners will shoot a random civilian or blow up a random car (This is out of character of course). This will get us 1 star and a resposne time for the cops... Here we can Role play a triggered alarm.

b. Getting to the back safe area... I know there is no way to actually get back there but that is fine... this is Role play... we get to the back area and ( while causing enough noise that the cops chasearrow-10x10.png us) we blow that door that leads down into the safe. Here we have to hold the cops off for a solid -5 MIN- while the saboteur collects the cash.

c. Once cash is in hand (again, all RP) we communicate that the loot is in the bag over the head sets and start to shoot our way out. By now we should have 4 stars and the place surrounded with cops pouring in. With this good amount of action we fight our way out of the bank and to the driverarrow-10x10.png.

3. extraction phase. -- This is the Chasearrow-10x10.png... if all goes as planned we get into the driver's ride and say GET THE f*ck OUT OF HERE and peace out. If something happens then we will have to deal with it as is... taking a cop car... we all get seperated ect....


- Once you die you are out... If this proves to hard we can switch it up... once everyone dies everyone is out... and we do that "retry" option single player usually gives us.

- Weapons... Chose 2. a rifle and a pistol... the saboteur gets explosives and only a pistol... yes it can be an AP pistol.

-Team kiliing happens... if you get punched because you went too close to your buddy who was shooting... then you can respawn, run back to the bank and join in where you left off.

-Roleplay guidlines.... - Say Ic during all phases, make a character for yourself, play him off.... I know its weird Role playing over a mic but we can get used to it. Just talk as if you are your character

- Out of character chat happens when someone asks for a "time out" over the mic... then we can go "Out of character" and talk about technical things....

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.... send me a PM over here or a friends request on Playstation network... Please leave a response in this thread as well! Tell me who you are and what roll you would like to play.... IF YOU ARE THE DRIVERarrow-10x10.pngPLEASE HAVE A DECENT 4 DOOR CAR AND BE GOOD AT DRIVING....

Hope people join up..


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Aww no xbox...

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Yes sorry I have a ps3.... tho its funny.. seems like most of the people interested in role play are x box users

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Yea but most is stupid roleplay. The only good one ive found for Xbox is those looking for a roleplay sophisticated driver (fancy, the works). A simulated heist sounds like a blast IMO.

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Ya I dont see how Role playing would work too well with the mics and chat options with more than small organised situations... I have organised some missions a prison break... haven't hit the bank with more than 2 people yet tho

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