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Need help with 2 unique jumps..


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Since I think these are most likely the 2 I'm missing, I need some help with them.  This is according to the guides..


6. Located near Kaufman Cabs.  Be sure to clear the school bus.

7. Near 6.  Hit the ramp with the police bribe.


I've done both of these in every way I can find possible, but it never counts.  For the first one, I always clear the bus, but I land in that big mess of houses and wreck out (possibly ruining the stunt).  For the second one, I fly straight over the canal and always slam right into the spray shop.  Am I suppose to somehow land on top of the spray shop for it to count?


And if these aren't the ones I'm missing, for anyone who has done them all; are there any jumps that are pretty easy to miss?

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I have done 35 jumps and those two you should already have them, the first time i did 6 I landed on the house and it gave it to me when i wrecked. As for number 7 you just go back pass the police bribe, jump the ramp and you should get it. if not, you probably have them.


I wonder which one i'm missing......

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Alright.. yeah.. I already got those two after all.  I currently have 34 done.


I'm kinda skeptical about the one on Prawn Island, as I never remember doing it.. but yet I get nothing when I go and try it.  Also, the one at the construction site where I use the beam, there's a problem with it.  I got the bonus for it the first time I did it, then due to problems, I had to load a save prior to making it and tried again, but it wouldn't give me the bonus this time.  I've got no idea what's going on there..



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I'm missing only one now but I WAS missing 2 before and the one that you have to go really far to active is the north most stairs jump. NOT the one where you jump toward the police station but the other one that's perpindicular to that one. Still trying to figure out the one I need. Hopefully I'll get it tonight and I'll be sure to tell everyone which one it is.


But I bet the one jump I mentioned is the one of the two you need, since you have to jump far to activate it. :D

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Now, with one jump left, and after going through every last jump again three times (even the ones Downtown on the high buildings), I've come to a conclusion.  The game has obviously just f*cked me over completely, for whatever the reason.


Either that, or one of these jumps I'm just not doing properly.  I was almost at 100%, and I hate to even think I'll have to restart to have a chance again.  After all the trouble it took to get to 84%, I'm tellin' you, all hell is gonna break loose if that really is my only solution..

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I can not get one on the platform that lance was on in the guardian angels mission where you fly through the alley and have to hit the jump heading south (impossible in a car) and land probably land on a building, but i can't do it, anyone know the requirements for this one?


are there are two jumps right there? i got on where i jump across the alley on the same platforms stairs, but heading west from the beach

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I'm with you AlienLX, I'm at 97% and all I need is one jump and the taxi missions. Have been putting off the taxi missions until I find that damn jump. It's been 3 days and I have yet to find it. I even started over to see which jumps require "special" attention. Can someone that has gotten all the unique jumps PLEASE help us? There's got to be some jump out there that requires us to do something special. I've gone through all of them 3 times as AlienLX, and I am in complete understanding of your frustration. :/

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I feel you guys. These jumps are stupid. There should be some way of letting you know whether or not you have completed them. That would make it 100x less frustrating.


I'm at 35 jumps. Just one more. I know which ones I have completed except for abour 5 or 6 of them. I just can't figure out which one it is, and spending hours flying around on a damn motorcycle isn't what I call fun.


I made another post about jumps. Please check it out and help me if you can.


Spectre, you have to hit that jump just perfect. You have to fly all the way to the police station grass without hitting a light pole, tree, or anything else. It is very difficult. You have to make it far enough to land on the grass (which there isn't much of), but close enough so you don't hit the police station wall and crash. It just takes a lot of practice.

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