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Need major help!


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Every 5 minutes now after i beat the main story missions, if freezes, error cannot read disk. My disk is PERFECT.

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Hey man mine just froze today while i was doin some rampages, so i pulled the disc and like yours mine has no scratches but it did have lots of dust and stuff so maybe try cleanin the disc and blowin into the vent in the front of the ps2 maybe that will help

i hope you get it fixed man

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That's what happened to me a few days ago. The disk was fine, but there was alot of dust in the ps2. So I just bought this vaccum thing that you can suck the dust out of the ps2 with. Now none of my games freeze.

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i posted a fix for dsic read errors here a few weeks ago and tried to get the mods to pin it and never got a response so <shrugs> if you search disc read error the thread should come up and it has step by step instructions on cleaning your optics.

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yeah the same thing happend to me and my other games worked up till know and know they are all slow i cleaned the lense with alcahol and it worked for a lil while and then it froze again so i dunno im gonna try to take it back if i can color the void sticker so it lookes untore off well i can't tell you what to do but yeah i know how you feel im pissed to :sui:  :sui:  :sui:  :sui:

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my game froze when i entered the refer by the boat missions.

so i reset it.

i wanted to see if it always did it, so i tried it again.

it froze.

i was so pissed, i had to break something.

i was just about my ps2, but i but it down.

i powered it up one more time and i went to go to my garage, got on the sanchez and ......... it f*cking froze.

so, out the window went my controler after i tried to break it bare handed.


i solved half of my problem by taking my brothers controller but does any one know how to fix the other half of my problem?



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I've had the game freeze three times since I've had it, to be honest I think it's just a bug in the game.  Luckily it happens very rarely but it can be annoying.



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clean your optics people it will fix most of those problems. its not a permanent fix, you will probably have to clean it every few months but ours was crashing and we were getting the loading grey box on screen every 3 seconds but after we cleaned it its fine. although every once and awhile it will miss a texture but i think thats just the GTA engine.


btw heres the thread wit step by step instructions,





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