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I beat GTA3 100% and for me the rampages where the toughest thing.  I am getting close to beating Vice City and for me the toughest thing is again the Rampages.  My question is what was the toughest thing for you? :sneaky:  :devil:  :devil:  :sneaky:

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Id say deifinately the hidden packages even though i only at 97  :dontgetit:   Them suckers are hard  :*(  :*( The best is completing all the Unique Stunt jumps though

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i find the rampages hard. i have 99 hidden packages in gta3 and so far can only find 91 in gta:vc. stupid hidden packages. but rampages are hard for me cause every time is usualy kill 35 gang members in 2.00min and the gang members are all ways the hiatians and THEY ALL HATE ME SO THE RAMPAGES ARE SO F*ING HARD........there so ya they are hard for me.


meh :turn:

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