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[360] Mercenary Group RP

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Before I start, just want to say I hope this doesn't get taken down. I want it to be clearly stated I'm not looking to recruit for a crew, this isn't a crew, just looking for people to do this with!

I've got an idea, guys. An idea that would require at least a half-full lobby of you fine gentlemen. I want to bring a Blackwater-style group to GTA Online. Running Military Ops designed by myself and any other current or former servicemen.

I've already got a few Operations in mind. If I could, I'd like to get a few people on this to help me hash out any unclear or not-stated details. Shoot me a PM after you've read the rest of this post if you want in on this. For most of these Operations to work, we need two people to be leading the Ops, one for each side. Don't worry, there will be 'Lose' conditions for both sides on each Op besides "Everyone on one team dies"

Here are the actual Operations I already have in mind:

Note: I've left out the details on a few of the ops, so that if this idea does go through, nobody on the opposite side knows what will happen. Don't fret, I do have each Op written down.

Operation "Flaming Talons"

We've got a messy situation boys and girls. One of our Covert Operatives has been flushed out of hiding and is being held captive at the Sandy Shores airfield. Their list of demands for his release is huge. It's our job to get them out of there, alive.

Operation "Mountain Centaur"

Citizens have gone missing near Mount Chillhad. Hikers, Hitchhikers, Campers, etc. We believe they have been disappearing to a compound occupied by this "Altruist Cult" We've been tasked with hard-knocking the compound and dropping every single cultist inside.

Operation "Smoldering Lance"

A private jet full of drugs and cartel enforcers is landing at Grapeseed airfield. Our job is to either blow the plane out of the sky or have a hot Littlebird Insertion a block away and storm the runway.

Operation "Massive Strike"

Land Act Dam is under siege by a terrorist sect. They've taken all the Dam Workers hostage inside of the dam's internal section and are planning on blowing the dam unless they're wired $50,000,000 in X number of hours. We have reason to believe that they will blow the dam anyways. Our job is to stop that from happening.

Operation "Midnight Hammer"

Unauthorized Covert Operations are being conducted out of Elysian Island. Our job is to surround the compound and force a surrender. If we cannot do that, we need to take out all hostiles.

Operation "Ageless Lightning"

We have a VIP flying into the Los Santos Airport. He will be flying in on a black jet. The pilot is one of our operatives. Our job is to get him safely to a secure location.

Operation "Brass Frenzy"

A Cartel Convoy is making it's way from Grapeseed airfield to Los Santos Airport. Our job is to intercept them.

Operation "Bitter Transmission"

A terrorist sect has taken over the Radio Tower in vinewood hills and is using it to broadcast an unknown transmission. Our job is to stop them before the transmission can be completely sent.

Operation "Steel Wall"

A terrorist sect has stolen a partly operational tank from the Fort Zancudo Depot. The tank was under matinence, so the cannon will not fire. Our job is to prevent them from getting into the city by any means necessary.

Operation "Screaming Fire"

One of our VIPs has had a hit put out on them. The only way to find out who flipped the switch is to use the VIP as bait. We need to take out the hitman so we can ID him.

Operation "Rioting Eagle"

One of the ships in docked to the port on Elysian Island is under guard by Cartel Enforcers. We need to eliminate the threat and find out what is on that ship.

Operation "Iron Cleric"

The terminal off of buccaneer way is a major holding facility for weapons. It will be guarded by Cartel Enforcers. Our job is to steal their latest shipment. It will be in a box truck.

Operation "Fabled Scapegoat"

A terrorist sect is planning on blowing out a bridge that connects an MSR right outside of Fort Zancudo. We need to stop them before the Military finds out.

Operation "Indignant Typhoon"

A non-local drug cartel has landed in Paleto Bay and plans on using the entire town as an FOB for a privately funded war with a local cartel. Our job is to eliminate both forces.

These are just a few of the Ops I have in mind. I can think of more, but these will do for now. Again, shoot me a PM if you're interested. Tell your friends. The more people interested, the better we can make this.

ALSO: Those on the Mercenary side of the Ops will be required to wear a uniform. Just thought I'd make that clear.

Last thing. I'm copy/pasting this from a thread on Reddit (see original thread here: http://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/1ryuia/mercenary_group_rp/). I'm doing this with the original poster's permission, he just asked me to post it here as he isn't familiar with this place. Reply with your GT and we'll get you rolling! We already have around 5-6 people interested, but hoping for as much as we can! Thanks!

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