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(XBOX 360) SimulatedGames

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Grab a seat and a kitkat.

Let's backtrack for a bit. For close to 3 years now, I was Admin for a forum and leader of a Crew so I know how things work. With the rest of my team (co-Admin & founder of Crew) not doing their part and with lazy members, I decided to leave all I've made in 3 years. My status, most notably. I'm starting new now.

SimulatedGames is an idea I've had for a few nights and I decided to make it now. It's the belief of games being so realistic that outside life is comparable. It's the idea that you can do most every day FUN activities in GTA 5. Activities such as hillclimbing in trucks, BMX's, cruising, tactical missions, etc.

I'm looking for anyone that believes what I believe. Invite Only lobbies (no public as they're rage-inducing), no killing other players with bounties on them (it's free money for them, let them have it), cruising, relaxing, some nights we grind but for the most parts it's open world freeroam fun. I've compiled a list of activities and very few simple rules over on our Facebook page. I say our Facebook page because I'm no leader. Everyone is equel in this crew. The lowest position has the same voice as the founder. Keep in mind, though, that the higher placed players are more trusted and focus solely on the best overall choice for the Crew as a whole.

Is this crew right for you? Of course it is! While I may sound demanding, I do so because I'm looking for the right people. I'm not looking for numbers but for your personality. If you're laidback, love to joke around but can still be serious, you are what I want (the one that I want, want, ooh ooh ooh, honey!).

No hackers/glitchers.
Not looking for a guy with a modded garage. None of that crap.
Realistic stuff only such as your cars & your playstyle.

Hope to see you! If you want a demo of what we are, you can join us for however long you want and decide if it's what you want. No commitment. No signatures needed. Online most nights. We do missions, cruises, climb Mt.Chiliad and ride BMX's most of the time. Check our Facebook page for more info on how to join one of our games. Thanks!

Social Club Page:

Facebook Page:

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