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Budweiser Addict

Design your own GTA mission

Recommended Posts

Budweiser Addict

Even thought I've seen topic such as this before, I can't find any recent ones. As the title implies, just write down your own idea for your dream GTA mission. Simple as that.


Mine is (as cliched as it may be) a bank heist. You've basically got this restaurant right behind a large bank. You've already gone into the restaurant, posed as a fake health inspector, and shut the place down. During the day you and two other guys go into the shut down restaurant and blow open a hole in the wall to get into the bank (since the place automatically locks once an alarm has been hit). You guys bust open the vault and take the cash before the cops arrive.


Once the cops arrive the three of you head outside, through the restaurant and are met by an army of police officers. You fight them off for a while before one of other your buddies charges through with an APC to pick you guys up. You take control of the APC and drive through more police until you reach a safe zone, where a fifth crew member picks up the APC with a Skylift and flys away. Yet, once up in the air you've got a few Noose chopper tailing you, so you use the APC's canon whlist midair to shoot these down. Once you're dropped off mission complete.

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Johnny Spaz

The son of Johnny K gets revenge and destroys Trevor's trailer kills Patricia and then throws him a bottle in the face and kicks his head in.

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Hehe, Fake DYOM.


Anyway, After the events of IV/EFLC.

Niko gets a call from....Eghh...Nevermind, Outa ideas.

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Great minds think alike. I've been working on some new V missions myself to post.


I just need to be sure that they fit the story are worthwhile and are achievable.


I should get off the forum and back to it huh? Cool.

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Maybe a Jailbreak mission of some kind.



Like the one in VC where tommy breaks out Cam, except this one will take place in a big secure penitentiary (with different characters of course).



Here's what it's gonna be like. The Protagonist is being brought out from the prison bus, and led to his cell by two guards. In a sudden move, when nobody's watching, he turns swiftly, breaking the hold of the guards and setting off an alarm. He lies down next to one of the guards to get the keys to his cuffs and uncuffing himself. Several guards come in and shoot as soon as he breaks free. Then he runs toward the opposite direction, finding an emergency axe that he takes, smashing his fist through glass. He then throws it to a guard, killing him and take his gun and use it for cover fire. He then finds his way (while shooting) out to the place where the semis carrying goods that use prisoners as workers are being loaded. He gets into one, drives off, evading gunners on the tower who have already opened fire and blasts through the gate, after losing the police the mission is passed, no reward but an awesome experience and respect.

Edited by XandStorm

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A protagonist (probably the GTA:O one) meets a shady man funding the Mile High Club building in LS. He's basically a rip off of Donald Love/Avery Carrington and gives mission to the hero to kill off leaders of certain gangs or pick off some annoying union workers who protest the buildings the guy gives.


For example (like in Deconstruction for Beginners from IV), our 'hero' has to go to the construction site near Simeon's garage and meet with a team of 0-3 Gruppe Six security officers (depending on how many human players there are). You could pick off the workers with a sniper strategically or go in there guns blazing. Depending on what you take, you either have to escape via the Union workers/Merryweather's Buzzard or escape in your own vehicle (with 4 stars). Return to the mission start point and get paid $30,000.


Would be f*cking awesome! Something like Martin Madrazo's Death From Above, a real challenge but it pays off.

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