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Pizza boy missions?

Mafia Man

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Read the FAQ II that's pinned at the top of the Forum.  That and more is fully detailed in there.  Please do this before posting questions since in the future they might not be answered...

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Well I did do a search before I posted this and couldn't find information that gave me what I wanted to know.


And Damnit I just remembered yesterday I got to level 10 and I delivered all the pizzas but got bored of delivering so I decided to not go back to the pizza place, sh@#.



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How many ambulance, fire truck, vigilante, pizza, taxi missions do I have to do and what do I get?

Ambulance -- Level 12 complete -- infinite run

Fire Truck -- Level 12 complete -- fireproof

Vigilante -- Level 12 complete -- 150 max armor

Pizza Boy -- Level 10 (10 people in one sitting) complete -- 150 max health

Taxi Driver -- 100 non-consecutive passengers -- taxis can jump using R3


That's is direct from the first message on the pinned FAQ II thread at the top of this forum.  Obviously the research you did involved more nose picking and butt scratching than actually reading the FAQ which answers most of the questions that get asked here!  :die:  :die:  :die:

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