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Things to do when u beat vicecity


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I can think of a few things to do when u have all assets and all missions done, but id like input from other people.


1. Start huge shootouts with haitian gangbangers

2. Vigilante Missions

3. Sunshine Auto's street racing

4. Try to get/do the Hunter helicopter vigilante missions

5. Hit jumps

6. Rob stores with your bank robber clothes

7. Fly the skimmer (damn thats fun)


Any other ideas? please let me know any others you might have...thanks

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anything you want, eh? so you mean you can SHUT THE f*ck UP!!!!!!????




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I like to go to Hyman Memorial Stadium and wait for the races.  Now, while I wait I first pull out my Kitana and slice off heads until I get two wanted level stars.  Then I pull out the Python and H&K MP-5 and mow down people until the cops start showing up.  Then out comes either the M-16, the Sniper Rifle, or the Rocket Launcher (or M-60), and I use those to blow up cop cars, SWAT vans, FBI Ranchers, and Army trucks until the doors open for the races.


The great thing is that once the races are finished, your wanted level goes back to zero.

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The Sparrow that appears at your Mansion after you have found 80 Hidden Packages can shoot.  Use the R1 button.

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