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Looking for active PS3 crew

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PM me, I like those crews that have 10+ members online.

Sadly I don't have a mic. I speak spanish/english.

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Assassin Kllan only has 5 members so far, but I don't recruit, and you're the first person I've invited. We usually get in at least one really good session a day.


To me a good session goes like this. I start the day selling a car out of my garage; then I usually take one back for Simeon; an armored truck robbery; and then we're ready for several high paying missions. I only do the ones that pay 7K and better. After a few missions we go into free roam and clear the room out gangland style.


We also race; play tennis and golf occasionally, but not too much since the new update. Message Motorcity Monstaz to get added.

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Tambien...no habla español, pero quiero aprender!

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RED RUM RACING. Clean dedicated racers.

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Murder Monopoly Gang Has 200 players Online Every Day im The Crew Leader Add Me On PS3 MMG_DESIGNKING

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RED RUM RACING. Clean dedicated racers.



If you are interested in Red Rum Racing you can find us on social club here http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/red_rum_racing


all we ask if you abide by the Gentlemans Rules but race with us and your sure to find yourself on the approved racers lsit before you know it, we also have weekly chalelnges, pretty much always have members online aroundthe world and we look after our own


Ride Together, Die Together, Red Rum For Life

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