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Streaming issues...

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Sorry if I'm being a broken record here of other threads that may or may or may not have been made about this.. but is anyone else having problems with the steaming of GTA Online or have any suggestions to beat it, I keep driving into areas that have barely loaded or haven't loaded at all, my game has to keep freezing temporarily in order to load the textures.


Really, really annoying, especially since I have never had any issues like this in single player and I'm having no problems with my internet.

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Exactly the same here, but it happens to me on and off the bat. I have sessions where there is no lag in sight while others where it's the only thing I'm getting.


I used to blame towtrucks for that issue, but since they have been mostly patched and people have got to start the cycle again I don't understand why I'm getting lagged sessions as regularly.


It is so frustrating though, so many races that had potential, so many bounties that were just around the corner waiting to be taken, so many deaths because I lagged and my car started floating.


I've got a 30MB connection and my 360 is literally hugging my router. Tend to play when no one's around anyway so it's not like somebody else is sinking the connection for me by using another device elsewhere in the house.


It;s been like that since launch though so I got used to it plenty, but still though, I could definitely do without.

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I didn't get any of this for the first few weeks of launch. Now it's like a regular thing.


It's really stupid, I don't see how loading a building that's on the install/disk has to be related to connection. Other players and their cars, sure, but the whole city? Just ridiculous imo.

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Ive also have been experiencing this. At first i thought my game had crashed, it had froze that long. Never had such extreme texture loading issues until now.

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It's just the console's limitations.


I've heard that installing the play disc on a good flash drive helps, but no idea if it's true.

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Yeah it's hard to free roam cause of this.

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