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Gasoline in GTA?

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Hey, I just got done playing through mafia 2 after GTA 5 and it got me thinking, could the next GTA include having to refuel at a station thus adding to realism? That's what R* was shooting for in GTA 5 and mafia 1 & 2 used gasoline and those games are years older than GTA 5. In Mafia 2, I rarely had to fill up a car (two times only) through out the whole story. So cars in the next GTA can be more efficient than mafia 2 cars depending on the car you use in GTA. Also they could include refueling as a difficulty setting for people who don't want to have to refuel. And players can use that jerry can to refuel if you happen to run out on the highway or something.

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There is one mod for GTA San Andreas which can refuel car.

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I'm all for gas, but only if they do it correctly. I don't want to run out of gas a few blocks after I just fill it up.

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nah when i play gta i want to have fun, not in the middle of a police chase and getting shot at then having to stop for gas then wasted.

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I only used the gas station like once in the whole time I played Mafia 2. What was the point of it even being there? If you end up only using it once then it's completely pointless and shouldn't even be in the game.


It wouldn't work if they made you fill every ten minutes either, because it would just become a chore. Sitting there for the umpteenth time watching the same animation of my character filling up his car is not my idea of fun, and there's only so many times I can run out of fuel in a police chase before I smash my controller.


If you want to include it as a difficulty setting then that's fine, but if it was mandatory, it would completely ruin GTA for me.

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You wouldn't be filling up every ten minutes because cars are more fuel efficient than you think. In mafia 2 they made cars too fuel efficient. Most cars in the 40's and 50's had awful gas mileage especially the big American cars of that era. The only cars you would need to worry about refueling allot in GTA 5 would be the RVs or larger vehicles which most people dont even bother using anyway. I'm just saying if GTA 5 wanted realism they should have had a difficulty setting that allowed you to refuel/recharge when needed. I think difficulty settings to help with realism would be a good idea for GTA because there's allot of games out there that use realism setting to make it more challenging and realistic like grand trismo 5 and others.

Edited by OpenWorld23

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