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Mr. Fernando Martinez

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Mr. Fernando Martinez

Who would you want to be the main character for GTA4? Well, keeping in the tradition of always creating a new character for each game, I have decided to like leave "Fido" & Tommy plus all connections with other characters from GTA3 & VC at the door.


My character...




Age: 32

Height: Around 5' 10"

Nationality: Puerto-Rican

Currently Resides In: San Andreas


I'd sort of base his appearance on Al Pacino's look in Carlito's Way (the beard look bad ass) and tone the wrinkles down but, I would cast Dave Hayter (...of Solid Snake & Spiderman fame) as the voice. The ultimate bad ass right there, people.

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You have a short attention span. we only just got vice for christs sake.

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