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Best feature?


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Why is everyone always pointing out the bad in VC. All i read is Worst Feature, Why it sucks, etc. So this is the TOPIC on why people like it. What has Rockstar done that has made the game better.

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The list is far too long.  But I will try.


1.)  The storyline is 100x better and more organized then GTAIII.  This is saying alot since the GTAIII storyline was so well done, but this time around everything comes together just right in every single way to make an overall great storyline.  It is set-up well, executed well, and finished well.  Even though I would have done things differently in the end, Rockstar still did an excellent job with this one.  Especially with giving the gamers a main character with an actual name and voice.  Most companies would have fell flat on their faces with this one(Tidus comes to mind) but not Rockstar.  They pulled it off better then I ever expected them to.


2.)  The new weaponry is a blast to play with.  Tech-9's, Gatling Guns, Brass Knuckles, Chainsaws, M4's, M-60's, Mac-10's, Colt Python, etc. etc. etc.  The weapons all sound unique and now you can even crouch to make your aim better.  Great addition.  The new weaponry is probably the single best element that has been improved in this game.  It is just alot of fun to ride around on a motorcycle with a Tech-9 equipped and the Bank Job outfit as a costume.  Imagination comes into play in that situation.


3.)  Two Words.  Helicopters.  Motorcycles.  I would say planes but they only included one which can only land on Water.   It is still a fun plane to fly, but they should have put in another one capable of landing on pavement.  More options = Happy GTA4Life.


As for the Motorcycles, I am astounded at times.  These things make sports cars seem slow as hell even at full speed.  The animations while getting on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle, and bailing off a motorcycle are just loads of fun to witness and experiment with.  The first time I jumped off the bike in mid-air during a 375ft. height insane jump was a Kodak moment.  Will never forget that.


As for Helicopters.  hehe.  It was almost a surreal moment when I first hopped into one and flew around this enormous city.  It took me an hour to finally land again.


4.)  The way they handled the new missions is indeed mighty impressive.  In GTAIII the game was filled with Pick-Up, Delivery type missions that really got boring after awhile.  Well in this game you have missions ranging from Invading certain places with backup to robbing banks to dropping porn flyers across the city with an airplane.  The missions are MUCH improved in this title with far more things to do within all of them then the last game.  There are less missions yes, but they are much improved over GTAIII.  Besides weapons, I think this is the most noticable improvement throughout the game over GTAIII.


5.)  The new engine is indeed impressive.  At first glance the game looks alot like GTAIII but the more you play the game the more you realize how everything looks alot cleaner and more polished with more detail then anything GTAIII ever threw your way.  The diversity of the pedestrians, the texturing on the clothing, the reflections off the cars, the neon lights shining off the wet roads at night time, the sunrises and sunsets, the detail of the interiors, the attention to detail in everything from ghetto slums to Mansion infested Islands to Golf Courses, etc. etc. etc.  So much to talk about, so little time.


6.)  The improved Gangs are welcome indeed.  Where in the last game you might see 6 or 7 gang members walking single file down the road, in this game they throw up to 30 on screen at one time all working together as one unit.  Some will charge while others stand back and fire, they will surround you, pull you out of vehicles, pop your tires, throw you off of bikes, fight other gang members, etc. etc.  GTAIII did the same thing, but like everything else it is all more polished here in Vice City.  And it all looks better in the process.


7.)  The addition of buying properties suprised me to no end.  I never even thought of this in my own wish list back when GTAIII was a couple of weeks old and people were willing to speak about the next title with WishLists.  Rockstar really pulled this one together on their owns, and man am I impressed.  Rockstar themselves throughout the game basically eliminates the NEED for cheats for those people that can't seem to stop themselves.  Now money is thrown your way whenever you become rich and powerful enough to own businesses, armor and health is given to you all over the place including within pizza parlors and burger joints where you can buy food for 100 health.  


8.)  The new vehicles are very nice indeed.  From the Packer to the Pheonix the new list of cars is an impressive one.  It seems like Rockstar kicked over every stone during the creation of this game.  And the only things that comes to mind that Rockstar missed are things you imagine up while actually playing this masterpiece.  


9). VRock.  This station on it's own(and Flock of Seagulls on Wild 103) saved the radio feature in this game.  Not because its all bad, but because GTAIII's was so bad without any Rock to speak of.  Flying down the road in my motorcycle while jamming to Twisted Sister is an unbelievable thing.  I never thought this day would come in my videogaming career, but here it is.



I am purposely leaving some out for others to pick up and comment on.  There is so much going for this game that its unimaginable what else they could think up for the next title.  Allz I can say is...god help my girlfriend when that day comes lol.

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