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Game File Mystery Hunt...

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I'm gonna be away for a few days, following Dead & Company around to a few cities. Be back August 10, peace.

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Have fun :)

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Coordinates for all interactive doors:


Here is a list of all interactive doors extracted from the games files (to be updated): http://www.mediafire.com/download/9b4v9rjno26bnjw/GTAV_coordinates_for_all_interactive_doors.txt


How to use these coordinates?: The list can be used with the GTA V Map Multi-Find function over at http://gta5map.glokon.org/ (just copy/paste the list)

Note: Don't forget to clear all the markers already pinned on the map with the "CLEAR" button before to do this.


The game files list all interactive doors, including doors that are only interactive during certain missions. Texture-only doors are not included in the list. Doors for e.g. Ammu-nation is, for some reason, not listed in the files.


Some deductions:


-1: There is no interactive door at T01 tunnel: we can reasonably think that the chiliadmystery.com site is not the work from Rockstar which could direct us on the "Mount Chiliad Mystery" (contrary to some presumptions) and that , if there is a secret entrance , the T01 door is not part of it.


-2: The doors from Fort Zancudo's bunker elevator are still mentioned. Although it was only possible to open them via a glitch into the online mode since the release of the game, the bug has been quickly fixed by Rockstar after an update.It is possible that this elevator was intented for a future dlc or mission which has finally never seen the light.


From what I have seen with these coordinates, I didn't notice anything suspicious but don't hesitate to comment if you find some weird interactive doors from unknown places...


I would like to mention the original author who has extracted these coordinates: Quadcorn from Reddit. Others interactive doors coordinates will probably follow, as some wellknown ones are missing...

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Coordinates for all interactive doors (set 2) :


Here is the list updated to the 08/11/2016: http://pastebin.com/BpUsd9Rh


- New interactive doors and missing ones have been found by quadcorn.

- I have merged the 2 lists extracted from different files.

- Some coordinates were the same found that in the 1st list. So, I have just highlighted the duplicated records from the 2 lists to keep one version (easier to copy and paste the list into the Glockon tool). You can see which duplicate coordinates were found.


As alway, copy and paste the list into the GTA V Map Multi-Find function over at http://gta5map.glokon.org/


Some comments about the new list:

- Still no T01 doors and yes, some gates are still missing. The digging continues...


- Knaps from Reddit is examining all the interactive doors (1st set for the moment) to put into relation the coordinates with the missions, places etc...



More to come soon...

Edited by Excalibur58

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I have game file to prove that CJ is included in the game

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Then please provide the proof man?

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