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here are some screens i took they look bad but maybe you will like them. please post some responces. but dont be an ass about the quality cause i already know. lol




post any request for screens and the location and i will do my best.


i have screens from gta3 at My Webpage sign my guestbook while you are there


i have limited bandwith so if the page doent load for you try again later. :D



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Good work! The quality aint that bad. Might as well look at the strip club pics as the whole strip club will probably be cut out over here in Australia.

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Lol, good job m8.  Im sure lots of peeps have been waiting for those pics :) . And the quality is better than you give them credit for.

user posted image
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message to any moderators. if the screens i posted are to big just pm me and i will take them down and post a link.

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Man i want the hunter  :die:  How do you look down with the heli?

to look down just switch to first person view and hold L2 and R2

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