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| PS3 | Saturday and Sunday Roleplaying Session's

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AnTnY421 and N1ZZY17 will be hosting roleplaying sessions this weekend, add us via psn. Open invitation to anyone that will take it serious.

●Mic not required but will make a big difference to the experience

●All confrontations between gangs/criminal characters should start with fists. In the beginning there shouldnt be drivebys and murders between characters. In good movies theres a great end.

●Even POLICE! If a perp tries to run away chase him and beat him down with a night stick! Your s.o.l. on the tazers obviously. If someone is busted ingame doing something that will send them to prison is the only valid cause to fire a gun at an officer of the law.

●NO Terrorists! There will be absolutely no personas that just randomly kill others without a reason!

●Two deaths per persona... Melee deaths will not count as one of your two. Melee's and first deaths by any other means are injuries. Second, complete death of persona unless you want to start over. Memory wipe!

● There can and may be hitmen! Only excuse for free killing. Nizzy and myself will either moniter or play these roles to insure they are not abused.

● NO FREE KILLING! If someone hasnt did anything to you. Robbery, extortion, killed your friend, ect. You are not permitted to kill anyone.

○Rival Gang member beat you down. VALID!

○Theif stole your car, or robbed you. VALID!

You get the point.


Nizzy may or may not post more of the basic rules before the sessions are hosted. Their not hard to abide by. I promise their will be conflicts and gun fights! But... Roleplaying is about picking a persona. Criminal/Law Enforcement based. Gang members, drug dealers, stick up kids, pimps, drug addicts, car theifs, hitmen, mafia members, police officers, detectives, whatever.


Pick a persona, dress and play the part. Need help modding a car or getting the cash to customize the type of persona your trying to portray? Ask the hosts! Play the session as if it were real life There my be a cop behind you when you pass through that red light! There might be an undercover cop in your gang! What will you do? Who will you be? Post your psns here for invites.



● N1ZzY17

● AnTnY421

Edited by Antny421

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If you don't know A DAMN THING ABOUT RP then tell us before hand. we can run over every term we described in this topic to you. Also no side conversation what so ever!! if your going to do that then mute everyone except the person you're talking to

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Hay man... I am very interested in this! When will these RP events be held? On weekends?

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