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i7 4700mq or i5 4200m ?



Hello, I've been trying to find any info I can about if the i5 4200m will run gta 4 smoothly. I know i7 4700mq will, I'm renting an Alienware 14 laptop untill I can buy one. If I go with the i5 4200m I can upgrade to the 765m gtx and it will cost 1,250$. Or I can buy a refurbished one with the i7 4700mq and gt 750m for 950$ which is what I'm renting now. I can run ps2 games and all the grand theft auto series with no problems, I heard the gtx 765m is only a 20% increase and if I went with that then I would have the i5 4200m. My buget is tight and I can really only save up 1200 at best. I like this model because its easy to carry around at 14'' screen size and good battery life. I can get about 5 hours when not gaming.


By the way, the i5 is a dual-core acording to notebookcheck.com I thought gta 4 runs better on quad-cores like the i7 ?

Edited by mrshane88

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2 answers to this question

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You are right. The i5 on that notebook is dual core

GTA IV runs best on 3 cores so that pretty much negates the dual core. Not saying it will not run ok on that i5, it will just not be as smooth as you would hope

Edited by marmoo

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Thats good to know, smooth fps is important to me when gaming. GTA 4 is so cpu intensive that when in intense combat with cops where cars are exploding all over, the gt 750m takes a hit in performance down to around 26fps. An i5 might make it worse. I've found running the game on all medium settings with 25 view, 31 detail, and 31 vehical density seems to be a good balence of performance and good texture quality with 4x anisopic filter, theres no frame drop during all the action. Thank you for the advise, I did'nt know if anyone could answer me.

Edited by mrshane88

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