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Damned Brotherhood [DAMN][PS3]

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Free Aim Only Crew, looking for active players aged 18+

80 members and currently ranked in the top 500 crews.

Winner of back to back Gang Leagues on GTAforums. (2011-2012, 2012-2013)

Winner of GTAF Gang Wars. (IV & Episodes from Liberty City)

Highly ranked and genuinely fair players united in IV, crew has existed for 3 years.

Our crew colours are Black with Lime green.

Organised, but also down to earth (no clan accounts or initiatives).

But incredibly elitist, and only accepting of the best, and most mature.


Interested in Joining

Please leave a message here, including your PSN account name & Link to your linked Rockstar Social Club account.

You will only be contacted by, ajbns87, Madmonk420 or T0XIC_SUNS3T if you are deemed worthy,


More about us

The gang was created on GTAforums in late 2009 as a group based on a fictional Motorcycle Club known as the The Damned MC, by a player based on Xbox360, from Croatia by the name of Strength, a fairly successful group, it later branched out to ps3. In 2011, Strength parted ways with the crew, many members left, but three key members remained based on the ps3. From then the group vowed to stick together, despite many attempts from other groups to recruit them, they began to build an elite unit, the best team based players that controlled every disallow match up; that took place in Liberty City on GTA IV joined the group. Many victories followed in the final years of GTA IV (2011-2013), and then the crew decided to fully depart from the MC gimmick, and became simply known as The Damned (Damned Brotherhood on the R*'s Social Club). We're now currently represented by an eclectic mix of players, British, American, Canadian, Spanish, Brazilian and South African. Our ages range from 15-40's, most of us are easy going and play for a laugh.


Our Song



Our Mottos

Roll Out

Live Free or Die Trying

Edited by A J

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Am I deemed worthy?

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Am I deemed worthy?

I would say yes, but you nearly got me to join the Retardies all those months ago. The thought that I was so close to joining (and would probably be stuck there to this very day, as a result) forces me to have eternal hatred for you. Not cool, bro. You should have just shot me in the nuts.


Cum at me fagt.



Please join The Damned, Greasy


Edited by T0X1C

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Still recruiting, only the best free aimers on ps3.


Add: ajbns87 or T0X1C_SUNS3T for a trial.

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Hey everyone, I've been looking to join an active free aim only crew for a good while now and heard about you guys through one of your members. I'm 21 and have been in the Ganga outlaws, top 100 gta gang and number 1 max Payne crew, for over a year but the crew mostly consists of auto aimers so yeah.


Not sure how elite I am haha but I'm big on team play, enjoy all aspects of the game, and that's pretty much it I guess. I'll leave my psn and social club account below so you can suss me out, and hopefully we can play together sometime soon, cheers.


Psn: JayDiesle / Social club account link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/diesleman


Oh and I should also mention that I have a couple other small crews I'm in with friends who I sometimes play with, and I'd like to be able to switch my tag over to them when we are playing together. My current crew leader doesn't like me doing this and it gives me the sh*ts, haha.

Edited by Diesleman

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