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What are you drinking?


Recommended Posts



So tasty.


EDIT: A bit late but..

Do you agree with this chart?



Do you agree with this chart?


Not really, but it is interesting. I do think that Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, and Jim Beam drinkers are probably majority Republicans!

Edited by theadmiral
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A big james bond martini. 2 parts gin, 1 part vodka, 1 part lillet. With a lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.



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Yuengling Porter...again :yawn:

More than I should be for a work night I guess. Ahwell...f*ck it

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Some Coca cola

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Water with kool-aid in it.

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Well this ATM is drinking Miller Lite



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Lipton Citrus Diet Green Tea. Never tried it until the other day, when I got a free 24 pack of it. I'd say that it's pretty good.

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My mother used to drink this.


I am your mother. You should call me more often.

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Kirks Original olde stoney Ginger Beer 1.25L



Australian brewed since 1865. im a hard c*nt.

Edited by DMC14
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I'm drinking a special recipe called yellow fruity I found on the internet, by a person called 'Bear Grylls'.


Tasty :^:





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Water ATM, tomorrow I'll be drinking lots of beer... beach time!!


see you bros tuesday

Edited by gn1992
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Tracksuit Hitman

I went out and bought two crates of Budweiser (12 cans in each crate) from the local supermarket this morning. I was just going to get the one crate but they had a special offer on where you could get two crates for £15 and single crates were £10. I've also got half a bottle of homemade sloe gin which is killer.


I've got a can of Bud sitting beside me which I'm going to crack open shortly. I'll probably drink some of the sloe gin later tonight.

Edited by geobst
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Where is Pikachu geobst!!?? In the US we just call that a 12 pack, not a crate. The bottles are far better.


Anyways, I'm drinking something like a whiskey sour. I put 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in my square tumbler of whiskey. I think it's supposed to have water but meh.


Edit: This sort of reminds me of SoCo.

Edited by WBaker
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I have orange squash because I drank a can of coke today, I want an energy drink but I'm up for work at 6am tomorrow. So if I have something other than water I'll just f*ck myself over. At least on Saturday I can crack open an energy drink and more coke.

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