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What are you drinking?

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I'm drinking some cold beer.   Skol.     What are you drinking?

Oh f*ck off.

Evidently you do. Next time when you're considering spamming up an apparently 'pointless' topic with an even more pointless opinion in an off-topic part of the forums, don't.

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Lemonade, and I normally hate fizzy juice without alcohol in it. Having a quiet weekend. Kicked the arse out of it last weekend, and spent far too much.

Edited by niko bellic half brother
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It't what i'm drinking now, but it's what I was drinking last night at our spur of the moment road trip to a Hopsin concert haha. It's like a Coffee flavoured Tequila, it's noice, I enjoyed it.


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About to tuck into a sizeable whiskey. Or is it brandy season yet, fellas?


Almost.. I still got a bottle of Jim Beam stored up for the weekend coming. For now though, I'm drinking some Coors Light, been over a year or so since I've last drank this beer, not too shabby.





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HOLY sh*t


I got a hangover... i'm feeling like crap, me and my friends drank 11L of beer yesterday...and i'm at work right now, literally f*cked up..


you know that moment when you don't even want to look at a beer bottle?


....... ahh water is great

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Heineken, asian pear wine, 12 yr old Balvenie doublewood scotch, and 15yr old Balvenie scotch.


You are drinking all that in one session? Goodness!

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