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RedNeck Roleplay

Recommended Posts

Character’s Starters-

Motorcycle (Preferably a Sanchez not a “Crouch Rocket”)

$3000 to spend



Trust-Do not lie about what you own and have- You will be banned from Roleplay instantly if you are caught lying.

Purchases- You may only by cars, houses, and guns from ADMINS ONLY. Me, Jim Bob, and Express Goalie are the only Admins at the time (I think).

Weapons & Cars-Do not use any weapons or vehicles you do not own, you will be kicked from the RP.

Random Destruction-Do not randomly go around and cause chaos and destruction to the city.

Characters-Players must address each other by using their characters names in Roleplay.

NewLifeRule-If you die you forget everything that just previously happened and continue roleplaying as your character.

Pocket Gunning-You cannot pull any large or 2 handed weapon out of your "pocket" that would be un-concealable in real life UNLESS you are near your car or in your house or business. (RPG, Minigun, Shotguns, Jerry Can, Rifles, Sub Machineguns, Assault Rifles) This is referred to as “Ass Gunning”.

Random Deathmatching-You cannot kill for no Roleplay reason, this rule is the most serious rule that can be stressed.

Meta Gamining- You cannot use info you got from out of RP, you cannot use info you heard unrealistically, and you cannot use info you got from Out Of Character conversation.

Death-You lose $300 every death and lose all possessions currently on you (Guns, Drugs, Other).

Game Chat-Players may only have light short conversations in game chat and may not talk over admins. Call players in game or go into a party or private chat. If an admin messages you read it ASAP as it may be important.

Hostages-Players may take other players hostage by meleeing them to death with a gun. The character would come back and the death will NOT count. When taken hostage you are unable to talk, walk, run, shoot, or drive unless told to do so.

Under the Influence- If you are high or drunk, and somebody asks you about it, you have to tell the Out Of Character and CANNOT lie about it.

Living Areas- You must have a place by the end of the first In-Game night and an Admin must know where this is. This can be anything from a house, a park bench, a business you own, a buddies house, an RV, your truck, ext. Call me about a house or property and I will price it.

Los Santos- All players will start in Paleto Bay and live in Blaine County, you can go to Los Santos but cannot run a business or live there.

Admin Bonus-

1 free Trailer (in Trever’s neighborhood) or one free RV.

15 free bottles of Moonshine

$4000 instead of $3000



Mayor- $1250 a day. MUST BE ELECTED. Controls Blaine County area and Police Force. Gives out warrants and is judge if there is a trial. Can make new laws until death, once dead he loses the job and his laws can be voted out.

Police Chief- $850 a day. In charge of Police Force, gives warrants, and is judge IF NO MAYOR. Punishments are determined by Police Chief. (MAX of 1)

Police Officer- $550 a day. Patrols Blaine County, makes traffic stops and arrests. (MAX of 3)


Food Employee- $350 a day + 50% of what he sells. Works at a restaurant and serves food.

Food Prices- $10

Trucker- $475 a day - $50 for a trip to LS. Drives a 18 Wheeler, a Mule, a box truck, or a van to deliver goods across the map. Goes to the Ammu-Nation once a week, the Cluck N’ Bell factory once a week and the Farmer’s farm at least once a week, at most 3. Trucker doesn’t pay for the food from the farmer.

Farmer- $100 a day + $150 per pickup from the trucker. Max 3 pickups from Trucker a week. Has to be at the farm when the Trucker is there for pickup. Must grow food for 8 hours 2 days for the Trucker pickup. (Trucker doesn’t pay for the food)

Bartender- $300 a day + tips + all of what he sells. Works at a bar and serves alcohol.

Alcohol Price- $15

Mechanic- $400 a day + $75 a per car. Works at the Los Santos Custom closest to Trever’s Airfield.

Arms Salesman (ADMIN ONLY)- 50% of what he sells is the pay. Works at the Ammu-Nation in Trever’s Neighborhood.

Weapon Prices-

Legal Weapons- (More expensive but if you die/get arrested you keep them)

Pistol- $450

Combat Pistol- $775

SNS Pistol- $900

Pistol .50- $2000

Pump Shotgun- $4250

Sawed Off Shotgun- $3250

Hammer- $50

Knife- $25

Bottle- $30

Bat- $30

Jerry Can- $200

Illegal Weapons- (Less expensive but you lose them if you die/get arrested)

AP Pistol- $350

Bullpup Shotgun- $3000

Assault Shotgun- $3500

Assault Rifle- $4500

Carbine Rifle- $5500

Advanced Rifle- $6000

Micro SMG- $525

SMG- $650

Assault SMG- $800

Sniper Rifle- $12500

Sticky Bombs- $500 a piece

Grenade- $475 a piece

Tear Gas- $350 a piece

Nightstick- $15

Illegal Shipment Weapons (Have to get them at the small airstrip at the top right 5 days after purchase)

MG- $10000

Combat MG- $15000

Mini Gun- $30000

RPG- $25250

Grenade Launcher- $20000

Heavy Sniper- $17500

Business Owner- His profit of sales is his pay- MUST HAVE BUSINESS PLAN. Makes a company, product, or entertainment that the people use. (Ask xJimBobIIIx about the business plans)

Drugs and Alcohol-

Marijuana Seeds- Cost $100 for 10 bags worth of weed. Takes 3 days to grow. Have to check on it once a day.

Marijuana Effects- Eat 2x more and hard to operate machinery (including vehicles)\

Meth Materials- Cost $450 for 1 bag worth. Takes 2 days to make without leaving.

Meth Effects- Players get light armor, players get addicted after 2 uses, players have extreme energy and don’t sleep. If you stop doing drugs while addicted, 50% chance of death.

Moonshine Materials- $500 for 25 bottles worth. Takes one day to make without leaving.

Moonshine Effects- Players get drunk and don’t think straight, can’t drive or operate machinery well.

Vehicles and Prices-

Off road-

BF Injection- $6000

Vapid Sandking XL- $36000

Vapid Sandking SWB- $25000

Bravado Bison- $17000

Bravado Duneloader- $9750

Declasse Rancher XL- $20000

Canis Bodhi- $3000

BF Dune Buggy- $8000

Karin Rebel- $3750

Vapid Sadler- $10000

Nagaski Blazer-$2500

BF Bifta- $7000

Canis Kalaharl- $4500

Canis Mesa (Not Merryweather’s)- $7000

Sport/2 door/4 door-

Karin Futo- $7500

Karin Sultan- $7500

Bravado Gauntlet- $9000

Declasse Vigero- $6500

Bravado Paradise- $5000


Journey- $19500

If the car you want isn’t here, call me and I will price it for you.

Send me (MaLik MIZZOU) or xJimBobIIIx a message on Xbox about this RP or our others-

Evolution Roleplay

Mafia Roleplay

Wasteland Roleplay

Life Roleplay

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