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5000 things to do in GTA IV


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There is so many things to do in GTA IV, so let's come with 5000 things to do.
1. Don't repeat the same point.
2. All points must go in order. Do not go off the track.
3. Don't say the point that's possible to do only with the cheats or trainers.
4. Don't say something that's impossible to do (example: Force Claude to swim).
So let's start!
1. Complete the first mission.
2. Drive a car around Liberty City.
3. Complete a game without getting busted.
4. Complete a game without getting wasted.
5. Fly with Annihilator around Liberty City.
6. Get busted.
7. Waste.
8. Fall out of the Turismo through the windshield.
9. Destroy 200 Flying Rats before That Special Someone.
10. Kill 100 peoples with car in 3 minutes.
So the next person who wants to quote points to do should begin with 11, 12, 13 etc.
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11. Grab a Faggio and rampage around the city with 5 wanted stars.

12. Swingset glitch.

13. Shoot the pilots of the police helicopters.

14. Hit motorbike riders head-on.

15. Hi-jack the tour-copters while keeping the passengers, then crash it.

16. Constantly pester your friends with activities during their sleeping hours.

17. Smack people onto the train-tracks while a train is coming.

18. Wait for the cops to open the door, then drive off. If you're lucky, you'll have them hanging off the door/car (bonus if you smack them against a post).

19. Jump into the blades of a helicopter.

20. See the heart of Liberty City.


And, that's about it, from my memory.


I know, I am a boring person; although a few might be amusing for some.

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21. Do a stunt jump while hanging out with one of your friends

22. Go to cluckin' bell and listen how black guy says "madafakaaa"

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23. Climb on building across Bohan Safehouse and jump from it.

24. Get Sniper Rifle during first mission.

25. Complete game 100% on Xbox 360 and get Achievement ''Key of the City''.

26. Kill a pedestrian which stays near Bohan Safehouse and talking to himself.

27. Look into telescope in Algonquin.

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28. Shoot a hooker in the head and watch the blood pour out.

29. Crash a securicar many times until it explodes and throws cash everywhere

30. Go bowling with grenades

31. Get a taxi driver BUSTED

32. Go on a rampage at Schotler Medical Centre.

33. Visit www.littlelaceysuprisepagent.com on the in-game internet.

34. Get BUSTED by a FIB agent.

35. Rob a cash register in TW@ or any other accessible shop.

36. Shoot the gas canister of a hot dog or burger stand.

37. Shoot a fat AoD member off his bike near the Beechwood City Burger Shot.

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38. Park a car ontop of a hobo fire barrel

39. Smash all the windows of the Grotti dealership with a baseball bat

40. If you see a hooker get into another car, shoot the hooker and the car driver

41. Shoot a Police officer whilst he is driving his cop car

42. Shoot a refuse collector off the back of a Trashmaster

43. Prank call the Fire Department

44. Shoot a streetlight

45. Spray people with the water cannon from the Fire Truck

46. Throw a Sprunk can at a cop

47. Provoke the Russians in Hove Beach


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48. shoot races oponents tires , you'll win 2 laps ahead

49. park and save a car on a parking slot even when savehouse isn't unlocked yet

50. finish easily interior missions using molotov cocktails

51. take a taxi then switch to cinematic (love that feature)

52.increase missions difficulty and realism by removing radar blimps (modding)

53. hijack a car without molesting the driver by shooting beside his car

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55. Take Roman back to the warehouse in (Bohan) Industrial where he got kidnapped, and shoot him.

56. Get WASTED by falling off the screamer.

57. Set yourself on fire

58. Take Little Jacob to Cluckin' Bell

59. Shoot a stripper

60. Look for Ratman

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61. Drive through a toll booth without paying

62. Drive a Turismo through a top floor window in the Grotti dealership

63. Go into the grounds of the Civilization Committee

64. Re-visit the 'Blow your cover' apartments and shoot the hobos inside. This is in Schotler

65. Snipe a cop in a toll booth from along way away

66. Steal a Mr Tasty

67. Crash through a gap in the wall on Plumber's Skyway

68. Go on a rampage throught the streets of Bohan

69. Flip a car onto its roof at the roundabout on Outlook

70. Resist arrest, and then run as close to the cop as possible and watch him ram you in the head with his gun, until you get WASTED

71. Get a big truck and go on a rampage crashing into police cars

72. Go on a rampage running over hookers in the Chase Point area.

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There really is so much to do in GTA IV, but I'm just going to list one thing that we have probably all done.


73. Go bowling with your favourite cousin (Roman).

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74. Spin a car in Spin Street, Chase Point

75. Get Dropped (WASTED), by a cop in Drop Street, Fortside

76. Crash into a skip and smash through the windscreen

77. Take a Higgins Helitour

78. Ride a motorbike into the old hospital on Colony Island

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79. Go bowling with Roman

80. Wearing a jean and a vest

81. Pushing Roman to death

82. Take a NRG-900 and driving around the city

83. Escape 6 Stars

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84. try to robber biker who sells guns on first map , and try to escape alive from his bikers buddies that will come to rescue him (you'd better have lot of ammos if you want to succeed ^^)

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15. Hi-jack the tour-copters while keeping the passengers, then crash it.

85. Kill every person that sits in the helitours chopper, while using the remove wanted level cheat. (don't kill the pilot) :p

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86. Go to the top of a very tall building and WASTE yourself by pointing a rocket launcher into the ground and firing it

87. Ride on a subway train

88. Steal cars and sell them at Steve's garage in Chase Point

89. Get into a police chase in Chase Point

90. Go into the airport, steal a AirTug or Ripley, and try and drive it back to a safehouse where you can save the game and loose your 4* wanted level

91. Shoot a N.O.O.S.E truck with a rocket launcher

92. Get shot down from a bus shelter and WASTED by the LCPD

93. Ride a bike round the go-cart track in Firefly Island

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94. Steal a Sultan RS whilst on a date with Michelle in the beginning of the game.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

95. Hop into a Super GT and cruise around feeling like a badass

96. Take a Serrano and go off roading/rock climbing along the western coast of Alderney

97. Start a crime and get one star, then switch your car and drive past a cop car/watch it head to the crime scene and see the cops try to investigate

98. Shoot someone in Hove Beach and watch a massive and maybe even explosive shootout unfold

99. Walk all around Dukes

100. Steal a Burrito with blocked out windows and start a massive 6-star chase

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101. Find a T. Watts van

102. Go on a rampage in Honkers

103. Shoot the person wearing a chicken outfit in cluckin' bell

104. Tip a Boxville onto its side

105. Prank call the LCPD

106. Stab someone in the Superstar café in Lancaster

107. Jump out of a helicopter and get WASTED

108. Buy some nuts from a nuts stand

109. Collect some free body armour from a pickup point

110. Kick a cop car and get BUSTED

111. Prank Call an ambulance

112. Shoot a saucepan-head in the head,

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113. Ride on the Colony Island Cable car

114. Dive over a propane tank and get WASTED

115. Shoot out all 4 tyres and drive on the rims.

116. Shoot a car with an explosive shotgun and drive away with the roof crushed in (TBoGT only)

117. Go on a rampage in a NOOSE tank (TBoGT only)

118. Fly under all 13 bridges in TBoGT

119. Find the girl who keeps answering the phone and saying, "Tina" and shoot her in the head, she is often near the Superstar Café in Lancaster.

120. Go on a rampage in Prestroika

121. Shoot the hobos who talk about aliens.

122. Set fire to the FDLC station.

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Black & White

123. Drive around and smash into another driver on purpose. They will get out of their car and push you around. Don't hit them and run around for a while until you see a police car. Run to the police car and make sure the follower is still following you. Pull of your gun and they should too. Sit back and watch everyone exchange bullets.


124. Call the cops, paramedics and firefighters and then steal each vehicle.

125. Find the Sultan RS behind the garage up in Alderney and drive around in it.

126. Push as many people as you can and soon enough you will have a large mob chasing after you.

127. Go see a comedy show.

128. Get a prostitute into your car and crash upside down. Soon enough she'll offer something to you and get it on with her.

129. Complete all of the random encounters all over Liberty City and Alderney.

130. Use Zit to find a song in the car of which you are driving around in.

131. Change your phone' ringtone and theme.

132. Break into a police car and hack the database system, and then do some vigilante work.

133. Go into a Clucklin' Bell restaurant and cause a massive shootout.

134. Get a car and block everyone from driving on the roads. Grab a couple of grenades and start blowing everyone up.

135. Fly a helicopter and jump out. Try to make your ending funny.

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136. Take Michelle out on a date and blow her up. If she asks for a ride from hospital, reject it.

137. Crash your bike with someone on the back and make them vault into water.

138. Jump from the highest building in the game.

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139. go on a joyride with niko in a YELLOW CAR

140. get drunk and make niko scream "YELLOW CAR"

141. kill luis in 3 leaf clover

142. kill niko and packie in ladies half price

143. kill johnny in blow your cover

144. kill niko and playboy in buyer's market

145. kill niko and johnny in not so fast (hard but possible)

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146. Get in a fight with a doctor

147. Get in a fight with a hobo

148. Climb into Playboy X's house before you obtain it.

149. Survive more than 10 minutes in a 6-star wanted level while hiding in a TW@ internet café.

150. Speed down star junction at midday on a sportsbike and don't crash/falloff.

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151. Mod GTA 4 for better graghics ;)

152. Mod GTA 4 for better gameplay ;)

153. admire the realistic shocks on motorbikes, cars, trucks etc etc

154. Get wanted and loose the wanted stars while having fun

155. Play a realistic storyline with a dark serious story that also has a sense of humor.

156. Play a fun multiplayer game on line without having to get punished for doing fun stuff like blowing up cars :D

157.Do fun cop missions.

158. Fight pedestrians without getting a wanted star or 4 wanted stars.. *gosh I hate V*

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159. Go on a shooting spree and try and kill 100+ people before you get WASTED. (Without using cheats once you have a wanted level)

160. Kill a cop whilst he is halfway through a megaphone quote.

161. Drive your car up to a big gas tank (NOT in a petrol station, the ones near industrial areas), shoot the tank, and watch it throw flames and set the car on fire.

162. Shoot the gas tank on the back of the forklift.

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165. Earn all achievements/Trophies!


166. Hear the wilhelm scream.


167. Go to the blue hell.

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168. Buy the classic Pager ringtone from GTA3 for your phone
169. Get Playboy X safehouse to find the secret Claude Speed outfit in your Wardrobe
170. Find out the closed down Burger Shot on Carson St. in Broker, the remaining letters in its signs now spell Bugs r sht
171. cruise carefully around town and respect other drivers, speed limits and traffic lights.
172. Head to the miniature golf on firefly island, the tiny buildings are actually re-used models from past GTA games, you can see the Cluckin Bell giant Chicken from GTA SA and the Ocean View Hotel from Vice City among other things.
173. Head to any bowling, zoom with a sniper on the skittles. The is a tiny R* logo on each one
174. Get drunk and try to get down any huge set of stairs

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170. Climb up a ladder with a wanted level and sparta kick all the cops that climb up off.

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176. Jump from a helicopter and land in a pool without dying.

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