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Design Your Own Safehouse (GTA IV)

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Lets be real, GTA IV is practically dead. I still play EFLC, but it has still been abandoned by a lot of people in favour of GTA V and its impending PC release.
Still, if you could design a safehouse in GTA IV as of now or in retrospect, what could it have been?

Design your own Safehouse for GTA IV

Name: Name of the Safehouse
Location: Where in the city the save is located
Parking Space: If the safehouse has a Parking space and how large
Interior: Describe the interior of the house
Exterior: Describe the exterior of the house
Wardrobe: Where the wardrobe is, if any
TV: If the house has a working TV
Acquired: How it is acquired, such as completing a mission
Radio Station: What radio station is playing in the house, if any
Extras: If the house as extra interactive ammedities like a pool table
Spawns: What pickups, vehicles, etc spawn in the vicinity
Other: Anything else you feel needs mentioning

An example I did:


Name: Majestic Hotel
Location: Star Junction
Parking Space: Normal two car parking space

Interior: An upper class Penthouse with a wooden, old fashioned feel while retaining an overall glamourous, modern theme. It is a two story suite including access to the rooftop helipad. The first floor consists of the living room with a flat screen TV with a dining suite in the corner. Whereas the second floor is the bedroom with a king sized bed. The walls of the suite throught are decorated with contemporary abstract paintings.

Exterior: A large, tall building. Not skyscraper-tall but consistent with other buildings in the neighborhood
Wardrobe: Yes, next to the bed, but still allowing freedom of movement
TV: LCD in the living room

Acquired: Six hours after completing "Late Checkout", Ray calls Niko saying that he can use Isaac's old Penthouse as his own.
Radio Station: Electro-Choc
Extras: N/A
Spawns: Health pack in the Kitchen, Maverick on the helipad

Other: See more



I'm sure most of us have wanted to live in the Majestic at some point. Do we have any other ideas? Just remember this is only a user created fun topic. If your safehouse is in one of the Episodes, please specify. Hell, if you want, why not make your safehouse accessible in all three games (Somebody actually did that in a mod)

Anyway, have fun :)

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Interesting thread. I'd like to contribute more but the Interactive Map ceases to work, so this is all I've got:


Name: Broker Manors


Location: Meadow Hills, Dukes



Parking Space: A slot for two cars on the western side, a slot for two cars on the southern side, and a slot for two cars on the northern side in the nice alleyway. There, I'd have:

  • Black Oracle
  • Black Cognoscenti
  • Black Super GT
  • Blue Turismo
  • Dawkin's Infernus
  • Grey Korean Presidente w/ black rims

Interior: Top floor with unique tri-windows facing the west overlooking Meadows Park, and some of Algonquin. Not a very high view but an exceptional view at least. A few more old-style thin yet tall windows around. Lots of ritzy furniture. Paneling similar to what you'd find in Jimmy Pegorino's house in Westdyke except marble/granite is more prevalent as well as a few real gold touches. About 3,000 square feet with two rooms, a bathroom, closet, kitchen, living room, and a study. No wasted space. Two iFruit laptops scattered around. An old style fireplace below the living room TV. I'd love to have a lobby at the bottom of the apartment where you enter an elevator and teleport to the apartment. The lobby could be covered in marble, high-end veneer, some gold, and have a creepy looking doorman wearing a $3000 suit from Perseus. XD


Exterior: Tudor-style high-end architecture fitting the theme of everything else in Meadows Hills/Willis. The top floor has big windows and triangular roof shapes. Very European looking. I'd like a nice deck/small garden to be added to the roof which the player would have access to.


Wardrobe: Whatever I buy Niko! XD


TV: Two TV's: the one in the living room being 50 inches and made by Panoramic. A 30 inch one in the main bedroom made by Panoramic.


Acquired: Niko goes onto Wolf Liberty City Real Estate via the internet and buys it for $800,000.


Radio Station: Anything I switch it to. Bowers & Wilkins themed kevlar covered speakers throughout. I could picture myself listening to JNR a lot.


Extras: Internet access, TV, pool, darts in the study, sitting, drinking, smoking, cooking, telescope, the ability to open windows and shoot, sleeping, ordering food.


Spawns: The cars I stated above. Have a Comet spawn in the alleyway near my two cars between 08:00-20:00.


Other: A grill, some chairs, a radio, and telescope on the roof where I'd like the garden/deck to be added.


Honestly that would've been f*cking awesome! :D If only. :(

Edited by StingrayX

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Location: in front of middle park

Interior: huge penthouse, with white coloured walls, with lot of space and stuff, a couple of big windows that gives a excelent view to middle park. The penthouse would be very similar to the one from yusuf.

It would has a pool table that you can use in friend activities, bigass tv (even bigger than playboy x's one)

A laptop in the little table by the coach, and a QUEUB machine (free of use of course).

The penthouse would be place in the top floor of the building, so you have access thru stairs to the helicopter always spawned in the buiding's heliport.

Parking space: a garage that alows storage for 4 cars.

Adquired: bought online for the prize of $1.500.000, unlocked after roman buys the third safehouse in algoquin.

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I want house big cuz garage safe why i hate gta 4 people steal cars

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Name:Bucky Sligo's house

Location: Westdyke

Interior:The house of Bucky Sligo, so meh you know it.

It would have a TV as usual.

Parking space: A garage which allows you to store 2 cars, and you can store 4 more cars on the sidewalk.

Acquired:After Smackdown, Derrick calls you that he has the deed for Bucky's house and that Niko can use it if he wants to.

Exterior: Rudimentary, however cool.

Wardrobe: At the upper floor.

Radio Station: LCHC at the lower floor, at one of the upper ones, The Beat 102.7.

Extras: A basement where there is a lot of money for the first time you visit and a Pump Shotgun, Uzi and AK-47 spawn. You can choose Bucky's clothes in the wardrobe too.

Spawns: Bucky's Contender, a blue Stallion and the weapons I mentioned earlier.

Other: Has two save points. One is at the lower floor, at the couch, while the second one is at the upper one, inside a bedroom. The second room at the upper floor would have been a child room, however full of blood and destroyed furniture. Additionaly, a female corpse would hang inside the wardrobe. The third and last room would've been a bathroom where you can sit down on the toilet :lol:. In the kitchen you can get a free drink. At the living room there would've been a dart board too, where you could challenge your friends.

Edited by Jeansowaty

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Johnny Spaz

Next to the Internet Cafe in Broker.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

To be honest, living to the right of the Internet Café on Frankfurt Avenue wouldn't be bad at all. Or living in that glass apartment just north of the President City Manors where you used a skylift to get that sniping location in that Francis or Derrick mission. It has a nice, shady "park", a cathedral directly to the west of it, and these cool metal and concrete balconies on the 3rd or 4th floor. I could imagine a cozy parking garage for 6 cars per resident and a lofty 2000sqft interior with high end veneers all done up in a very modern-y theme.

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Penthouse at the top of the Rockefeller center, two car parking out front, very modern interior with exterior windows facing every direction

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Location of safehouse: Alderney, West Dyke

Parking Space: Side of road and garage

Interior: Quite modern with a few traditional features. Kitchen, lounge etc

Exterior: White with a light blue door, typical tiled roof, 2 floors, just ordinary basically

Wardrobe: bedroom

TV: standard working TV with multiple channels

Acquired: Bought

Radio station: None

Extras: just a functional house, nothing else but whats necessary in a house

Vehicles: Blue Blista compact with boot spoiler, twin exhaust, front bumper spoiler.

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Just trying to make my idea alive... is there a mod where Niko wears a short sleeved shirt? I might try making him wear Bucky's clothes :p

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Name: Meadows Park Gang Residence
Location: Meadows Park, Dukes
Parking Space: Yes, but unusable
Interior: A normal apartment for normal people
Exterior: Looks good from outside.
Wardrobe: Beside the window
TV: No
Acquired: Completing the mission Portrait of a Killer, Jacob calls and tell you that he has got the apartment that you shot up in Concrete Jungle
Radio Station: Radio Broker
Extras: No Extras
Spawns: Health Pack at the Kitchen table, Romans Taxi spawns on the unusual parking space
Other: You share the house with Little Jacob

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