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2000 things to do in GTA Vice City

Recommended Posts


276. Do Pizza boy-mission in Little Haiti.

277. Discover foggy weather by repeating Checkpoint Charlie enough times.

278. Find a beach ball from the beach.

279. Get full 50000$ from Dirtring by completing it in under 5 minutes.

280. Use your bike-skills to reach the hidden package on top of a roof near the sea plane hangar at the airport.

281. Do Vigilante with an FBI Washington.

282. Kill Lance under the effect of adrenaline.

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283. Find an aggressive driver and run them off the road.

284. Beat up cars with a golf so they get abandoned all over the place.

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285. Roleplay as Diaz: Use the cheat to change to Diaz and declare war on all the Vercetti assets by shooting RPGs into them, destroying all cars, picking up the money, and killing Vercetti gang members

286. Grand Theft Auto: Zombies! Get a 6-star wanted level, get inside Vercetti Estate, and see how long you last - no cheats allowed!

287. Get the Silver Admiral outside Vercetti Estate that appears before Rub Out, park it in your garage and use it for as much as you can (street races, robberies, hooker pickup, etc)

288. Become a psycho killer. Drive around a Bobcat at night, follow any specific kind of NPC, and kill as many as you can with your weapon of choice

289. Using any heavy car (not a Rhino though) push as many NPC vehicles into the water as you can

290. Shoot down a Dodo

291. Jump down any aircraft into a mission marker

292. Use any aircraft to get to the top of any tall building and take some dope screenshots

293. Assassinate the Mayor in Martha's Mug Shot and escape in any Black vehicle

294. Roleplay hitman: Pick a spot where you can snipe a car from a good distance, picture any specific car model and color, and once it appears kill the driver, take the car, and destroy it. Alternatively, crash the car with your own vehicle until it blows up instead of sniping the driver

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276. Collect ALL special vehicles

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